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How to play

How to play Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

An Exquisite Game

Zombie Anarchy is an exquisite game that is set up during a Zombie apocalypse period. The concept is simple; existence as you know it has come to an end and you are among a small group of people who have found asylum. You have to guard and maintain it to ensure that you survive. But no one said venturing into Zombie territory was a simple task. To enjoy the game, you can also Download Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game For PC.

Your Zombie Apocalypse Team

This word is full of well-worn tropes who you have to contend against. The game does not go over the top with combat. Instead, it has a free-to-play structure that you will simply enjoy. The basic day-to-day slog for survival will keep you busy in the best ways.

Zombie Anarchy offers a base-building system and a handful of innovations. You have to gather skilled survivors to your side and stick together against relentless attackers, whether they are living or dead. You are free to savage in the city, wage war on all zombie camps you come by and take what you can from other survivors. You have to do all you can to survive in this world. Download Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game For PC and you will equally appreciate the outstanding playing experience.

Enjoy the Game’s Features

Zombie Anarchy has an abundance of features that will propel your gameplay in a positive way. Apart from the engaging backstory, it offers a solid battle system, stunning graphics ad interesting levels. The environment is fast-paced and intense and it will leave you engulfed in the playing experience. The game does not really lack anything for delivering games with the best visual appeal and Zombie Anarchy is not any different. Every character represents a level of creativity. The combination of amazing graphics and exciting gameplay shows that this game will surpass your expectations.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game

Just like this game’s title suggests, your main goal is to stay alive and thrive. You will not only be fighting against the undead but other survivors as well. Therefore, you need to wear your game face and apply these tips and tricks at all times:

· Complete All Daily Challenges and Partake in Special Events

Referred to as the Daily Bounties in the game, the daily challenges and even to will reward you with premium currency. Therefore, you should take advantage of them.

· Upgrade everything!

Once you level up, you will find it easy to unlock new buildings and many other options. Upgrade everything as soon as you have the chance. Your defensive towers should be upgraded to protect your loot. It is also important to upgrade your survivors and resource buildings. Do not ignore anything; starting with the essential items of your gameplay to those that are least essential.

· Build the Perfect Base

Your defense tower is your ultimate source of protection. As such, you should strive to get more things for strengthening your base. With a strong base, it will be hard for your enemies to reach your defensive towers or attack your troops.

· Protect Small Buildings, do no Ignore Them

When you destroy small structures, you will reduce your enemy’s headquarters. This is because your opponents will try their best to target smaller buildings as this weakens your headquarters. So, for you to remain strong, protect your food storage, cannery, recycler and other small buildings. To do this effectively, you can place watch towers within a close proximity to your building, ensuring that it is always guarded.

· Select Your Devices Wisely

Must have devices for battles include the satchel charge, sentry gun, adrenaline cloud and hunter’s fury. When choosing them, do it wisely. You may be confused about which device to take first. Go for the one that causes the most damage, especially in hard-to-defeat Zombie camps. Devices can be acquired from the mi-game mode or from daily rewards. On a daily basis, check the chart to see what you can do to receive a device; then do it!

· Complete Achievements to Get Bloodstones

Located on the left side of the screen, the archives sections is important because tapping on it will allow you to complete tasks that will get you bloodstones.

· Lure Zombies Toward Explosives

In zombie camps, you will always find a number of explosives. The best way to destroy a handful of zombies once is by luring them towards the direction of the explosives.

About Zombie Anarchy: Survival Strategy Game:

Developer: Gameloft
Download: Android and iOS