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How to play ZENONZARD- Artificial Card Intelligence on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Next Generation Card Game

ZENONZARD: Artificial Card Intelligence is a next generation CCG (collectible card game) that is probably unlike anything you have ever played. It combines the basics of card games with a built-in machine learning system. You get to choose your AI (named codeman) from the game’s array of 16 ACI characters, each with its own unique personality. The AI becomes your trusted battle buddy whom you can turn to at any point (by tapping on an AUTO icon) to get gameplay strategies in any situation.

When the auto icon activates, your codeman will offer advice on all aspects of battle, including building a deck, planning moves, and making split second decisions when caught off-guard by an opponent’s attacks. This makes an otherwise complex game quite friendly and playable even for newbies. As you clear more battles, your AI becomes more experienced and better at making great moves. You are free to follow the recommendations until you feel confident enough to rely on your own strategies.


3-Step Battle System

In ZENONZARD: Artificial Card Intelligence, you will go up against other AI’s. The goal is to knock down every competitor for the top place on the Zenon tournament. Showdowns happen in both CPU vs. player & PvP battles with a unique set of rules in place.

To win a battle, you have to reduce your opponent’s life to 0. Each side takes turns arranging cards on a base and attack field. The base is where you place mana minions while the attacking minions go on the field. Base minions pay for the mana required to summon field minions whose role is to attack the opponent and block their attacks.

Battle happens in 3 phases, namely:

  • Mana phase – entails placing a minion onto the base where it turns into mana. Each base minion translates to 1 mana point.
  • Main phase – The battle happens in this stage. It includes summoning field minions and attacking the enemy. You can only attack your opponent when a field minion is active. Depending on the card, summoning field minions consume a specific number of mana points (1, 3, 5, or more).
  • Flash phase – Finally, this stage comes into play after an attack has been initiated, whether by you or the enemy. In this phase, you get a chance to counter attack by blocking or deploying a magic card to buff up your field minion stats.

During battle, both sides get to utilize force effects. These special powers increase BP, allow you to switch minions from rest to active state after the end of your turn, besides facilitating other actions. Force effects reduce one point at a time via attacks much like a player’s life. The game also allows you to move a field minion temporarily to the base area when you are low on mana points.

Huge Library of Cards to Sift Through

It is essential to know your cards because each piece that you collect brings something different to the table. First off, the knowledge will be useful in forming great pairings for battle. Secondly, knowing what to expect from every card will give you an idea on the most effective counter attacks when the cards are on the opponent’s decks.

Well, ZENONZARD has your work cut out for you with a 753-card library. Given that the cards hold so many unique abilities, exposure to the game is pretty much the only way to familiarize yourself with all the pieces.

Learning about card types and categories is a smart place to start when mastering the vast library. First off, you can play from 3 main types of Base Minion, Field Minion, & Magic cards. From each category, you will find classes of Legend, Epic, Rare, and Common.

The cards also have a color tag. These include Red, Yellow, White, Purple, Blue, Green, and Neutral/colorless. Each color represents a nation with a specific battle strategy. For example, red-colored cards belong to the Aguma Nation of Fire known for employing aggressive strategies during battle. In contrast, yellow cards (belonging to the Kanatana Nation of Light) strategize around surprising the enemy. There are rules to pairing cards by color, so pay close attention to the game’s tutorial.

Tips & Tricks for Playing ZENONZARD- Artificial Card Intelligence on PC

  • Battle Success Depends on your Card Deck

In card games, your fighting prowess is only as good as your set of cards. So, to be great at dueling, you have to be proficient at deck building. With ZENONZARD, you get a generous starter pack of x10 packs, each with 8 cards inside. This gives you plenty of room to create a stellar deck comprising of cards with the highest rarity or best stats from your starter pack. Alternatively, you could simply have your AI construct a deck for you.

Another option is to mirror for one of the game’s 7 pre-built top decks. This will give you a chance of figuring out what works and what does not. The decks are accessible by clicking on ‘cards’ icon at the bottom of the screen followed by ‘decks’ option.

  • Grow & Upgrade Your Deck

Your progress in the game depends on this. Growing your decks requires you to play as many matches as you can. The battle system is diverse, allowing you to choose between Quest mode as well as Rank and Friend matches. You earn experience points whether you win or lose a fight. The points, in turn, can upgrade your deck. As a result, upgraded cards increase your AI’s max level automatically. By playing more often, you will build up your resources and consequently have enough to upgrade and buy cards that are more powerful.

  • Make Sacrifices to Save Your Life

The minute your life points hit zero, you lose. Keeping this in mind, center your moves around protecting your life even as you form strategies to take down your opponents. Therefore, be prepared to make difficult decisions. For example, sacrifice minions to block direct attacks to your AI, let special effects go if blocking leaves you vulnerable to taking a hit to your life, and so on.

It is also vital to keep an eye on your remaining cards. Once you run out of cards, you will not be able to make a move, leaving the door wide open for the enemy to end you.

  • Learn from Past Matches

ZENONZARD: Artificial Card Intelligence has one of the most in-depth battle analysis features around. Your AI keeps detailed records of all battles, including a graph outlining the highs and lows of a fight. You can even backtrack to any point in the match and try different cards to see how things play out. It is an excellent resource to hone your battle skills and become better at forming effective strategies.


About ZENONZARD- Artificial Card Intelligence:

ZENONZARD: Artificial Card Intelligence is a product of Bandai Namco. The game released in Japan in September of 2019 where it became an instant hit. This prompted the developers to release a global (English) version, a few months later. Looking at the game’s deep and complex mechanics, ZENONZARD was clearly made for veteran card gamers looking for a challenge. So, it can feel overwhelming at first despite having a great tutorial that explains the basics. You’ll get better at it with time and can rely on your buddy AI. Once you get a good grasp on the game, you are in for a great time. The vast assortment of cards and endless strategic approaches make for a fresh and thrilling experience with every battle.

Developer: BANDAI CO.,LTD.
Download: Android or iOS

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