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Dragon Ball Inspired Combat Game

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime-manga series of all time. It has inspired everything from TV shows to games. And, one game that brings the Dragon Ball universe to mobile is Z-Stickman: Battle of Dragon Super Warrior. In this creation from ZGAME-STICK, you will challenge rivals to a one-on-one fight.

All fighters in this game are Saiyans, the ancient extraterrestrial race from the Dragon Ball universe known for its superhuman strength, agility and reflexes. Your goal is to knock out all rivals and win cash rewards that can buy cool skins for your warriors. So, be prepared to unleash a flurry of lethal kicks and blows. What’s more, you can blast your opponents with kai energy. Dragon Ball combat skills like Ki Ball Blasts, kamehameha, Big Bang Attacks, Dragon Recalls, and more will be at your disposal. Consequently, battles in this game are quite dynamic. Saiyans fight in epic fashion as they take to the skies before pummeling each other back to the ground.

Different Game Modes Available

There are several game modes in Z-Stickman: Battle of Dragon that will keep you glued to your screen. For starters, you can play the versus mode that lets players choose an enemy to go up against. Then there is arcade mode where you fight random opponents. In the tournament mode, you have to defeat all fighters to earn the title of ‘badest Saiyan’ in the world. In addition, fighting does not stop until your warrior dies in survival mode. As a result, this mode tests the ability of players to endure long battles. The more enemies you defeat, the bigger your reward.

Whichever game mode you prefer, learning the mechanics in Z-Stickman: Battle of Dragon is quite easy. Navigation buttons are to the left of the screen. On the right, you will find other controls such as the combo button, block, KI blast, recharge, and counter-attack.

Cool Graphics & Animation Effects

Z-Stickman: Battle of Dragon Super Warrior features 2D graphics and stickman art-style. However, the game has some cool animations that bring the combat action to life. And, as the fighting goes on, there are sound effects to match every combat move.

Before every fight, players get a chance to select the fighting location. From the mountains and jungle to the Buu house and ice city, every fighting arena is lovely in its own way. There are over nine locations to choose from and the best part is you don’t have to unlock any arena.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Z-Stickman: Battle of Dragon on PC

  • Train

If it is your first time playing Z-Stickman: Battle of Dragon, make sure to start with the training mode. In this mode, you will get an opponent for a punching bag. Since rivals do not fight back in practice mode, there is ample opportunity to learn all the attack moves. The training mode is also the best place to try out new fighters and master their combat style.

  • Use Boosters

Before starting fights, a screen pops up offering boosters such as extra HP or full KI energy. If any booster slot is available, make sure to claim it by watching a video ad. That will give you a competitive advantage heading into a fight.

  • Maximize Your Attacks

Do not waste any opportunities to hit opponents hard. Every time you unleash successful combo hits, this not only stuns rival fighters but also throws them off some distance away. Follow up such attacks with blasts of KI energy instead of running toward your opponent and giving him time to recover.

  • Spin the Wheel

The lucky spin wheel offers random prizes. You stand a chance to win free diamonds, Zeni coins or the coveted Saiyan, Goku Black. There is only one attempt to spin the wheel for free after which you will have to wait for some time until another chance is available. Alternatively, you can spend coins to spin the wheel again or watch ads to get a free opportunity.

  • Complete Daily Tasks

In addition to the main reward for taking part in fights, you can win extra game currency by completing daily tasks. The daily tasks icon is on the home screen top right section. Tap it to find out what goals you need to accomplish or whenever you want to claim your bonus rewards.


About Z-Stickman: Battle of Dragon Super Warrior:

Z-Stickman: Battle of Dragon Super Warrior brings the Dragon Ball universe to mobile as an exciting combat game. The action plays out quite well, even for a stickman game with 2D graphics. Fights are fast-paced and will keep you on the edge with explosive KI blasts. It is everything that one would expect from a fight between Saiyan warriors. Despite the dynamic combat action, the controls are quite easy to use. Some players may find the fighting action in the game is a bit repetitive. That said, there is a lot to keep players hooked, be it the different game modes or the prospect of unlocking new fighters and bosses.

Developer: ZGAME-STICK
Download: Android or iOS

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