Yes, That Dress! On PC – Installing Guide with Gameplay Tips

Fun Fashion Design Simulator Game

The gaming industry has come so far that it is nowadays possible to choose a game based on your hobby or even career. Yes, That Dress! is a classic example of this with the app geared towards those who are into fashion and the latest style trends.

Unlike the average dress-up game, Yes, That Dress! turns things up a notch and gives you the role of a designer. You will have your very own clothing store in the game, along with a continuous stream of customers. It is up to you to provide them with fabulous outfits, and in the process, grow to become the next hotshot designer.

Build a High-end Clothing Store

This game is mostly about designing outfits. However, you are also required to upgrade your store. You will be starting with a very humble store with just a handful of dress designs and not much décor. You are free to upgrade the store to your liking by changing up the floor, adding wall décor, revamping the mannequin station, and more. Upgrade options are vast and comprise of all manner of things, including floor mats, art wall, flowers, chandelier, statutes, and a whole lot more. One thing to note is that upgrades cost cash. So, you will only be able to upgrade as you continue to make sales in the game. The other option is to watch ads to acquire free upgrades.

Game Features Amazing Designs

One thing you are sure to love about this fashion simulator game is the outfits. Each one comes as a white clothing template, with a bit of modern life-like designs. For instance, you could start the creative outfit design process with some sleeveless, poofy, off-the-shoulders, maxi, mini, midi, and even peplum dresses.

Your role as a designer comes in adding your own personal touch to the dresses. For this, the game provides an array of color options and embellishments you can add at will. For the coloring part, the dresses can be dipped in paint or spray painted. All in all, the clothes look really fabulous when once done.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Yes, That Dress! on PC

• Get Creative

Do you have the next fashion trend in you? Well, in this game, your customers are always expecting something spectacular. Therefore, you will have to be highly creative to impress. Luckily, one dress template can be done in so many different ways thanks to the game’s endless customization possibilities. You will know if a client loved the design by their reaction before leaving the store. Angry face emojis equals an unhappy customer, while hearts equals a happy customer.

• Give the Customers What They Want

You stand to get more earnings if your customers are happy. One way to have satisfied clients all the time is to give each one what they want. Whenever a customer walks in, you will notice a comic style thought bubble (with outfit image) floating above the character’s head. That image represents the customer’s desired outfit and even has color(s) preference at the bottom. Make sure to incorporate all featured colors into the selected dress. A nice trick is to look at a customer’s hair and shoes to draw inspiration for the perfect outfit.

• Pack up Your Store’s Shelves

In Yes, That Dress!, new outfits become available for styling one at a time. Every dress has a percentage quota you have to fill before unlocking it. Usually, this happens after serving two customers. Therefore, the more time you spend playing the game, the faster you will fill up your store.

• Watch the Occasional Ad

There is certainly no shortage of advertisements in Yes, That Dress! You will receive an ad offer while picking colors for dresses, when customers make payments, after every complete outfit, and several other times as you play the game. While you may not be up to watching all ads, a few can get you a nice cash boost, not to mention new dye colors, decorative patterns, and VIP customers who pay handsomely for outfits.


About Yes, That Dress!

Yes, That Dress! is one of Lion Studios’ latest game releases. It offers simple control mechanics where you easily click/tap, swipe, or drag your finger over the game’s screen. What’s more, the gameplay remains fresh and engaging as you will keep unlocking new outfits and customization options. However, the game is not without a few faults. For one, dress customization is a little restrictive as there is no option for choosing between the dip or spray coloring options. The game decides for you and even throws stickers on clothes randomly without your green-lighting it. Many players have also complained of the game having too many ads, lagging issues, and instances of refusing to load. Hopefully, the developers will work out the kinks as the game is still a new release.

Developer: Lion Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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