Yes or No?! for PC – How to Download & Install on Windows/Mac

Trick Game

Lion Studios, the kings of hypercasual games, have released yet another fun creation titled Yes or No?!. If you want to learn how to play it on your PC, scroll down to the section that explains how to install the game. For those who want to learn more about the game, make sure to stick around.

Essentially, this is a guessing game. You will be hanging out with a beautiful girl who seems bored. In each round of gameplay, she blindfolds her eyes with both hands, then a barrier placed before her allows you to offer a hidden dish of food.

Once ready, you pose the question “yes or no,” she has to make a choice. You will win if she picks the unpalatable dishes or turns down delicious food.

The roles sometimes reverse. When it is your turn to decide, the idea is to use your gut feeling to say no to the disgusting stuff and pick the delicious foods.

Everyone has no choice but to eat what they accept. Have fun seeing your challenger eat a hot chili or sour lemons after turning down a mouthwatering donut or cake. Taunt her as she cries over a bowl of juicy strawberries, creamy cupcakes, or other tasty entrees she just turned down. Be prepared also to gloat for making the right choices.

More Mini-Games

Besides the guessing challenge, Yes or No?! also has various additional mini-games to keep you entertained. Firstly, there is a prank quest where you draw on the face of your lovely playmate with a marker pen as she sleeps. The trick is to do so with stealth so that she does not wake up too fast.

Secondly, both of you can trade toys. The person that receives items with more value wins. Thirdly, you can offer the girl a Pop It toy and help her squeeze all the pocket bubbles to win the challenge.

Each time you complete these tasks or win the guessing game, you earn some cash. You also unlock an outfit to a certain percentage. Once it reaches 100%, you can stream a short video ad to claim it and have your playmate dress up in style.

Decorate Your House

Another fun feature that comes with this game is that you get to decorate your own house. Each challenge round equates to one day in the game. As you keep playing, you will reach certain milestone days upon which free home items get delivered. You can then place these items in your room.

You can buy decorative items with the cash earned from winning the other mini-games. Be ready to bring out your style as you decorate the room. There are plenty of furnishings and interior décor items to work with, from area rugs and wall paintings to desks, chairs, flower pots, and more.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Yes or No?! on PC

• Multiply Your Rewards

Every time you complete a challenge, you get a chance to multiply your cash reward before claiming it. You will see the extra amount indicated on the screen, which requires you to stream a short video ad to claim it.

However, you can get even more than the displayed offer. Knowing the right time to claim your extra reward is the key because there is a multiplier effect that comes with it.

The game offers to increase your rewards anywhere between two to four times by loading a pointer that moves left to right on the screen. Where it will be pointing at the time you click the claim button represents the amount by which your reward will increase.

Bide your time and claim the reward when the pointer will land on the highest multiplier. Why only double or triple your cash when you can have it quadruple, right?

• Read Your Challenger

When playing the guessing game, you can know whether your opponent is bluffing by reading body language and listening for tells. For instance, if she is sweating and you hear a remark about how disgusting a dish offer is, she likely wants you to turn down something delicious. And when the goal is to trick you into selecting untasty food, she will most likely praise the food you are being offered.

• Watch Out for the Game Meters

Various game meters can help you make the right choices or avoid undesirable outcomes when playing Yes or No?!. For instance, the prank challenge has a bar that fills up as you draw. It indicates how deep asleep or close to waking up your prank target is, so make sure to use it right. The more it fills up, the likely she is to wake up and catch you in the act.

Also, the guessing game has a speedometer-like pointer that can guide your decisions. If it points to the yes green zone, offer nasty or gross edibles because there is a high chance your challenger is going to accept. On the other hand, if the pointer is in the red no zone, then offer something good because she will most probably turn it down.

Lastly, the trading game has a slider gauge too. The pointer moves up and down, going closer or further from the “good” and “bad” trade areas coded in green and red colors, respectively. Closing the trade when the pointer is in the green zone or much closer increases your chances of winning.

• Take Advantage of Video Ad Offers

Like most free-to-play games, Yes or No?! provides various offers where you get free cash and items in exchange for streaming a short video ad. For example, sometimes your playmate will ask to go to the movies after getting bored of being indoors for too long. If you take up the offer, it comes with a 500 cash reward.

You can also stream video ads to get free furnishings in the room decoration mini-game. It will come in handy when you run out of cash and can’t afford to buy fancy decorative items.

How to play

How to play Yes or No?! on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Yes or No?! Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Yes or No?! on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Yes or No?!:

Yes or No?! is a decision-based guessing game that offers a variety of mini-tasks that will keep you entertained when bored. The main quest requires players to decide whether to take a hidden dish after it is offered to them while blindfolded. Sometimes you will be the one making the offer or deciding whether to accept or turn it down. Can you outsmart your challenger by turning down the unpalatable dishes and taking all the tasty food? Will you manage to trick your challenger into doing just the opposite? Well, put your intuition to the test by playing this fun game. The best part is that it comes with various side-quests that are just as fun as the main one.

Developer: Lion Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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