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How to play

How to play World War Rising on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install World War Rising Apk from the Store.
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Download, Install and Play World War Rising on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Build a Strong Military Base

Mobile War LLC may be a new entrant in the mobile gaming industry, but their recently released game has won the hearts of many. Dabbed World War Rising, this game offers an alternative treat to fans of MMORPGs and real-time war strategy. In the game, you wear the hat of a commander in a world torn by war. To survive, you must build a strong military base. You need to build as well as upgrade your command center, training grounds, armory, research lab, and many other structures on your seemingly-endless list. Download World War Rising for PC or mobile today and become a force to reckon with on the world map.

Gather Resources

Building your base requires resources like metal, wood, and stone. You must also produce food and energy for your troops and vehicles. Players produce these resources with mines, lumber mills, quarries, and farms. As you develop your base further, it will require more resources. Since production takes time, rivals on the world map constantly venture out to plunder whatever they can lay their hands on. But, as resources become more and more scarce, you will have no choice but to loot enemy bases.

Defend Your Territory

The path towards domination in World War Rising for PC and mobile is long and difficult. There will always be the constant threat of an attack. The fact that enemies can raid your base at any time only adds to the worry. So, you have to defend your territory. This means setting up defenses, training as many troops as possible, and generally being ready for war. Players can also join or form alliances to watch each other’s backs. Ultimately, you get to choose your own style of play. What will it be? Join forces with strong allies to form an unbeatable coalition or risk it all as a ruthless lone wolf. It’s all up to you.

Tips and Tricks for Playing World War Rising

• Keep Upgrading Your Base
Riley, your personal war chief, will guide you through the Base Missions. Make sure to continually upgrade your structures and facilities. This will not only increase your base power but also unlock new troops and weapons.

• Plan Attacks Wisely
Raiding an enemy base can pay off with huge amounts of resources. But, don’t just deploy your troops to battle blindly. Scout the map by checking base levels and activities of nearby players. A scouting report will be sent to your mail. Assess the enemy’s base information and resources. If the loot is good and your base power is high, then go for the attack.

• Fortify Your Base
If enemies successfully raid your base, you will lose troops and resources. Therefore, make sure your base is ready to fend off attacks. A radar station will notify you about incoming attacks. You can also increase your defenses by upgrading the wall, setting up traps, training the troops, and boosting your hero level.

• Boost Hero XP
By increasing your hero XP, you can send more troops to attack and loot enemy bases. Gain more hero XP by completing missions, killing enemy troops, participating in events and battling syndicates.

• Use the Rocket Silo
The missile silo is a great facility in World War Rising. You can use it to weaken enemy forces and gain huge rewards. Supply drones help to obtain resources but you can also launch missiles that destroy enemy troops, resources, and hostile syndicates.


About World War Rising:

Developer: Mobile War LLC
Download: Android or iOS

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