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How to play World War Doh on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Lead the Charge

Jam City is perhaps best known for publishing puzzle games. However, the company made a bold move to diversify their gaming repertoire by acquiring World War Doh, the award-winning indie game developed by Brainz.

If you have ever played games like Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, World War Doh is somewhat similar. You will control a general who moves freely around the battlefield. Battles take place between two players in a duel kind of fashion. The commanders at war lead an army of what appears to be a banana republic. They deploy troops and spells at will. Your goal is to destroy the enemy commander and his towers. If your general dies, it’s game over.

Decapitate, Blow-up and Burn

World War Doh uses a card-based system to deploy troops. The cards represent different kinds of creatures, traps, spells, and tools that either mount attacks or protect your towers. Your commander has the power to order all manner of weird yet zany troops at any time. Dinosaurs, killbots, missile turrets, airstrike jets, monkeys that slow down the rival commander, swarms of bees, devouring piranhas, and flame-throwing majors are just a few examples of what you can have at your disposal. As a result, the battles are choke-full of spectacular action and carnage. The strategies you employ will determine whether your commander will crush the rival or suffer a humiliating defeat.

Defeat Enemies in Real-Time

The entire gameplay in World War Doh revolves around doing battle one-on-one. However, you will participate in online battles by challenging real human players in real time. Lead your army to victory, and you will unlock new cards as well as scoop up coins and other prizes. There are different leagues for players, giving you a chance to top the leaderboards and earn some bragging rights. Climbing up the ranks, though, will depend on your scores in successive clashes.

Tips and Tricks for Playing World War Doh on PC

  • Heal the Commander

In the heat of battle, your general is bound to get hurt. If his health depletes completely, the commander will die and you will lose. Prevent that from happening by tapping the heal tower to restore the commander’s health. Keeps an eye on his health bar as well to know when your general will need some healing.

  • Tap the Rage Tower

When your commander is under heavy attack, tap the rage tower. Doing so will increase his damage toward enemies. With this tactic, you can easily wipe out pesky enemy minions that may be slowing down the general.

  • Upgrade Your Units

You can level up your troops after collecting multiple cards of the same type. Depending on the level you are upgrading to, the number of cards needed for leveling up tends to vary. You will also need coins to complete troop upgrades. Upgrading units increases their damage and health, thereby making your army stronger.

  • Claim Barrels

Sometimes, barrels appear randomly on the battlefield. They contain Doh, some kind of special pink-colored energy that allows your commander to invoke allies. Therefore, make sure to send your commander to any available barrels as quickly as possible to earn extra Doh.

  • Know Your Troops

Whenever you unlock a new card, the game offers some brief stats about the type of unit you just acquired. Make sure to read that information, or visit the deck tab and tap on any troop type to know more about the unit’s skills. Some troops are melee attackers that move fast while others are slow-moving warriors that fire weapons from long range. There are also spells and equipment that serve special roles. With that in mind, it is essential to have a good understanding of what your current deck can do. That way, you will be able to defend your commander and towers as well as mount counter attacks or offense strikes with the right cards.


About World War Doh: Real Time PvP:

World War Doh treats players to a game of strategic duels. With over 30 cards at your disposal, you can formulate a wide range of strategies using various troop and spell combinations. However, what makes this action strategy card game stand out is the hilarious nature of battles. The generals have a lot of humor. They even exchange a few words of intimidation before the battle. Combining engaging gameplay with wacky characters and charming visuals makes the game all the more enjoyable to play. What’s more, you can spruce up your commander with new emotes, skins, and victory dance moves to celebrate his victories.

Developer: Jam City, Inc.
Download: Android or iOS

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