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Cool Treat for Dragon Nest Fans 

If you thought Dragon Nest was a great game, wait until you get a look at what World of Dragon Nest has to offer. The game builds on its predecessor with a ton of new cool features. For instance, you can expect increased character customization options, a new class system, the dual weapon mode, non-targeted combat, and so much more.

Like many other Dragon Nest spin-offs, this particular release is for the mobile platform. However, by installing World of Dragon Nest for PC with an emulator, you can still enjoy the immersive console experience that this series is known to offer.

Immersive Story-based Gameplay

Dragon Nest games often revolve around a rich story, and this installment is no exception. Gameplay starts with an intense prologue where you play as Velskund, the last guardian of humankind. In this role, your character goes back in time to right his wrong of betraying Geriant (and running off with the crystal of black dragon) with the hope of undoing the world’s destruction. Velskund’s plan works but moves on to another mission as a prophet charged with the role of saving the world.

The story will keep unfolding throughout the game in a couple of ways. Firstly, there are cinematic scenes that set events in motion. They can happen right before a mission or in the heat of battle. Secondly, you can have conversations with NPCs as you make your way through the open game world. 

As the story evolves, World of Dragon Nest will take you on endless adventures. You will complete quests, save villagers, fight all manner of enemies, make friends, and face big bosses. Besides combat, the game has a life system in which you can enjoy peaceful activities like fishing, farming, relaxing at the spa, or mounting a pet to explore the vast open world.


Powerful Controls

All combat controls in World of Dragon Nest are located to the bottom right side of the screen. First, there is the ‘Attack’ button for releasing your character’s normal strikes. What’s more, you have six ‘Skill’ buttons at your disposal for special attacks. These controls have a cool down effect so, you can only use the active skill buttons. If you want to wipe out multiple enemy units at once, the game has got you covered with an Ultimate Skill. 

Also featured is a ‘Chain Skill’ that unleashes a series of strikes activated by hitting the attack button after it fills up with an orange glow of spirit energy. 

A movement button is located on the other side of the screen for navigation as well. Although you could use it to avoid damage during battles, the game offers a specialized dodge skill instead.


Five Classes to Choose From 

The level of customization in World of Dragon Nest is more than satisfactory. In addition to selecting your preferred gender, you can give your character’s hair, eyes, and skin the color of your choice from a nice array of more than eight options. Even the outfits come in four different designs and three color options. 

The characters themselves feature the usual Warrior, Archer, Sorcerer, and Cleric classes, plus an additional unique Slayer class. As per the usual, the warrior is strong and has excellent stamina, sorcerer defeats opponents with mighty magical attacks, archer shines best in long-range attacks but is also fast and athletic in close combat, while cleric uses magic to deal powerful attacks and recover quickly when hit. 

Slayer is a ton of fun to play with and serves as the game’s wild card. The character fights fiercely and fast with dual blades. Also, slayers can unleash double harm like releasing multiple knives while wielding a majestic sword.


Wander Freely into the Game’s Vast World 

World of Dragon Nest is an open-world game which means you can go pretty much wherever you want. There is a storyline to the game as well as a ton of NPCs, but you still have control over what to do. You have the freedom to approach any NPC of your choosing and complete any given missions. 

The game also has other play options, which you can go for at will. For one, there are daily quests that you have to play because as they provide a sure-fire way of earning exp, gold, and other useful items. The missions vary from day to day, which keeps the experiences fresh and interesting. You can also venture into the dungeons or test your combat power in the nests.

There are multiplayer missions as well, which offer something worthwhile for those who want something more competitive. Compete against other players in real-time one or one or as part of a team.

Tips & Tricks for Playing World of Dragon Nest on PC

  • Focus on Increasing Your CP (Combat Power)

 In World of Dragon Nest, you have to increase your character’s combat power constantly because that is how you get stronger. Also, you can only take part in some of the dungeon quests only if you have attained a certain amount of CP. There are many ways to accumulate combat power, but the easiest is by leveling up. You can do this by finish the mainline and side-quest missions. The special EXP dungeon is the best mode to play if you want to quickly accumulate the resources for leveling up.

Another way to boost CP is by obtaining new gear. There are several ways to acquire new equipment. These include finishing quests, buying gear from the market, or taking part in nests. When high tier equipment unlocks, you get more CP as well.

Other ways to increase CP include getting your character new costumes, equipping mounts, smelting unwanted gear and crystals, as well as enhancing your gear with Dragon Jades.

  • Level up Your Skills 

You can also level up the skills that your character possesses to get more combat power. But, more importantly, doing this will enhance the skill you have upgraded. As a result, enhanced skills may deal more damage, cool down faster, or even unlock more powerful abilities.

Generally, each weapon has an active, chain, and ultimate skill. So, make sure to level up all three categories to make your character super strong.

  • Feel Free to Swap Weapons During Battle 

 The game has a ‘swap weapon system’ that enables you to change from one weapon to another at any given time. So, if you find that the current set of gear is not working for you, change to whatever else you have in your arsenal. The best part is that it is even possible to swap weapons in the middle of a heated battle.

  • Dump Your Unused Equipment 

World of Dragon Nest is a huge game with a ton of progressive gameplay. As a result, what you need at the beginning is quite different to what will help you survive deeper in the game. Luckily, this game has a feature that allows players to sell any unused equipment in their arsenal. You can as much as 5000 green diamond with this little exchange.


About World of Dragon Nest:

World of Dragon Nest (WoD) comes packed with all the features we have come to love about modern open-world MMORPGs. If you are more into the combat, there will be plenty of fighting against goblins, orcs, dragons, and all kinds of enemies. The controls are easy to use, and combat effects look great when the characters unleash their powerful skills upon adversaries. On the other hand, those who want a more laid-back approach can focus on exploring the lovely open world. There are pets to bring along on your adventures and mounts that will help you get around quickly. What’s more, the game’s story is engaging and unfolds with dramatic cut-scenes.

Developer: Nexon (Thailand)
Download: Android or iOS

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