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How to play World Cricket Battle on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Download, Install and Play World Cricket Battle on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Cricket Career Simulation Game

Cricket is the second most watched and played sport in the world, only coming second to soccer. If you are a diehard fan, experience the journey of a professional cricketer by playing WCB. Known as World Cricket Battle in full, this is a new simulation title developed by Creative Monkey Games. You don’t need an Internet connection to play most of the modes. Compete against the AI on either iOS or Android and have fun dominating the leagues. For an even better experience, try playing World Cricket Battle for PC.

Multiple Tournament Formats

WCB offers eight tournament formats to choose from for those who want to start competing right away. Play for country or club in the World Cup and a variety of professional leagues. Rivals can go head to head in 5, 10, or 20 overs depending on what format you like best. There is also a Career Mode, which features story-based gameplay. You start as an underdog playing street matches. Your journey continues as you pursue a professional career and go through various stages until retirement age. What’s more, the Nets Practice mode lets you hone your footwork and batting techniques. World Cricket Battles for PC even goes a step further with a 25 real-time batting challenge. This will help you unlock new features and improve XP scores.

Realistic Gameplay

One aspect that makes WCB stand out is the realistic experience the game offers. Stunning 3-D graphics showcase players who are almost life-like. Matches take place on a selection of 17 stadia. Each colorful arena exudes an upbeat vibe thanks to a cheering audience and live commentary in either English or Hindi. And, as teams compete, you can actually see the ball trajectory along with dots indicating runs after batsmen hit their shots. To make the experience even more authentic, WCB features the DSR (Decision Review System) that is applied in real-world cricket. Even if bad weather interrupts your cricket match, the game implements the D/L method to compensate for rain interruption.

Tips and Tricks for Playing World Cricket Battle

• Know Which Shot to Take
When your team is at the striking end of the pitch, good batting techniques are essential. It is important to know which type of shot to go for in order to maximize your runs during innings. Want to score multiple boundaries in a row or hit a Sixer? Make sure to turn on the Loft button. However, Loft Shots expose the wicket. So, don’t try them when your batsman power is very low. Instead, try to place ground dive shots through the gaps in the field and go for single or double runs.

• Start with Your Strongest Players
In WCB, you act as a coach. You have the ability to control all players on the field. Make sure to study the player stats on the selection screen that pops up before the start of your innings. To establish supremacy early in the match, put players with the best skills and power on your opening squad. Keep this up in your lineup even after the dismissal of batsmen.

• Customize Fielding Formation
By default, the game AI will choose a fielding formation for you when it is your team’s turn to bowl. However, switching to the manual is a better option when fielding. With this approach, you can re-position all fielders on the pitch and adjust to all styles of play by opposing teams.

• Bowl with Accuracy
Each team in WCB comes with a range of spin, fast, and medium paced bowlers. Make sure to master the bowling mechanics as well in order to minimize runs and eliminate opposing batsmen. After placing the pitching indicator, choose a spin/swing direction that will direct the ball towards your fielders.


About World Cricket Battle:

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