Wild West Heroes on PC – Download for Windows/Mac Devices

Enforce Law & Order

If you are into games that depict the cowboy lifestyle that began early 17th century in the American Frontier, then you will love Wild West Heroes. It is an idle RPG with an engaging storyline.

The Townsfolk call on you as a new mayor to catch cattle rustlers and bandits that are wreaking havoc on the Old West. Bixby Woods, also known as the hellfire kid, together with his mob of criminals, will be your initial targets. You will form a partnership with the sheriff, recruit gunslingers comin’ into town, and go after outlaws. Epic shootouts will ensue as the chase party is on horseback, or they can take a stand against enemies while on foot.

The world map is vast. Although players start enforcing law and order at Caballo county, other territories unlock later on with progress. You will have plenty of bandits and boss enemies to go after in arenas like the Calamity Canyon, Lake Tacicala, among other regions. There are even real-time duels at the Buzzard Crossing for those wishing for some PvP action.

Build the Town

Amidst all the lawlessness going on, you will be busy trying to build the town. There are different kinds of buildings you can put up and start collecting money from the townfolk.

The Townhall serves as your headquarters and determines the maximum level cap for all other buildings. The sheriff station is where captured criminals get locked up. During interrogations, you will have the option to entice, threaten, or torture prisoners, and they will give you info along with rewards. The different tactics work effectively depending on the prisoner.

Once you clear specified stages of the game, various buildings will unlock for construction. The town will start to take shape with amenities such as a bank, mercantile, hotel, church, smithy, pigpen, livery, warehouse, saloon, and gambling hall, to name just a few.

The game also offers decorations that you can use to beautify your town and make it look organized. For example, set up roads and street lamps leading up to buildings or throw-in some vegetation like cacti and evergreen trees.

Besides the loot you earn from rounding up criminals, the town will continue to collect resources when you are away. You only need to click the AFK chest to collect the loot gathered while you were offline.

Recruit Heroes

The other fun part of playing Wild West Heroes is recruitment. As men & women new in town stop by the Stagecoach, some of them will readily join law enforcement. But, you have to summon them using hearts, diamonds, or hero cards.

The characters you will meet in the game all have a charm of their own. Each hero also brings a unique set of skills into battle. For instance, some of them heal allies during shootouts, while others offer offensive buffs like better aim or increased damage.

Initially, only the grit ability is available to use. But, as you promote your officers, more tricks will unlock and help you round up bandits.

At any given time, you will be able to take up to five gunslingers into battle. With over six dozen heroes to gather, the game will keep you coming back for more as you try to build a formidable roster. The characters also belong to different tiers, allowing you to devise several battle parties that serve different combat strategies.

At the end of each shootout, your battle party earns cash, EXP, hero cards, food rations, weapons, gear, and many other rewards. You will be able to equip your heroes with boots, jackets, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and so much more.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Wild West Heroes on PC

• Collect Daily Check-In Rewards

This promotion runs for 30 days. You only need to check in once daily and collect rewards. From diamonds to hero cards to gear and more, plenty of gifts are up for the taking.

• Upgrade Your Heroes

When heroes level up, they get a stats boost. However, the process costs rations and cash. Make sure to upgrade all your heroes across the board so that there’s no weak link. Weak ones will fall quickly, leaving your team vulnerable. You want all heroes to stay alive throughout the battle.

Additionally, you can use gold dust to promote hero rank and unlock new skills. Promotions provide more enhancement for stats as well.

Another way to upgrade your heroes is through fusion. You can merge 4-star heroes to reach 5-star status. On the other hand, you can fuse the 5-star heroes to get them to reach the ultimate level. Keep in mind, though, that fusion costs multiple copies of the same hero card.

• Dismiss Unwanted Heroes

By dismissing unwanted 3-star heroes, you get crystals. You can use this method to create room for more or raise your hero limit, which is the maximum number of fighters you can have in your roster. However, be careful not to get rid of heroes with exceptional combat skills.

• Follow the Task Menu

It appears at the bottom left side of the screen next to the map & quest icons. You will find suggestions for tasks to carry out there. If you don’t know what to do, check the quest menu for a hint or two.

• Assign Heroes Wisely

On the hero upgrade screen, you can click the icon on the top left corner to find out the best place to station a particular recruit. The info tip that pops up will tell you which building would give your selected fighter active buffs upon assignment.

• Master Faction Advantages

In Wild West Heroes, each hero or villain belongs to a particular faction denoted by a card icon above the head. Some affiliations are superior to others and capable of dealing 30% additional ATK damage. For example, spades beat diamonds, diamonds are powerful than clubs, clubs perform better than hearts, and hearts are vulnerable to spades.

The heroes in the ramblers or regulators faction (represented by joker card icons) are equal in power against each other. Ideally, pick the faction icon that counters that of the boss or rivals you are about to challenge in battle.

Faction compositions can activate more buffs, as well. For instance, having four heroes of the same faction will provide your battle party with some extra 15% HP and 20% ATK. Make sure to check what faction buffs you have before going to combat.

• Tinker with Fighter Formations

You can swap your fighters formation by clicking on the card icons at the bottom of your screen right before heading into a fight. Sometimes you may go into combat with no hero in your roster that can counter the factions of your rival team or boss enemy. In such cases, it is best to put your tank fighters or those with high DEF at the front. The ones that offer defensive buffs can be in the middle pack, and the weakest ones with reliable offensive moves tucked safely in the back. You can adjust the position of heroes just before heading into a fight.

• Post Bounties or Chase Outlaws

Your heroes will go and apprehend the criminals. Once they do that, you can then collect the rewards. Alternatively, you can also help to capture outlaws and get rewarded for putting them behind bars.

• Go Fishing

As you progress in the game, the fishing contest will unlock at some point. It’s a relaxing way to spend your time and get some more loot in the process. Depending on the fish you collect, you can exchange your catch with something valuable from the fisherman’s hut. It keeps offering different rewards that refresh every 24hrs. If you own fish that the fisherman wants, you can use your one free refresh instead of waiting until the next day. Any further attempts to refresh for exchange will cost you diamonds.

How to play

How to play Wild West Heroes on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Wild West Heroes Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Wild West Heroes on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Wild West Heroes on PC:

Wild West Heroes is an idle strategy RPG with base-building elements. Its unique theme takes you back to a time when outlaws wreaked havoc on small towns. You will join the sheriff to enforce law & order. Have fun chasing down bandits, cattle rustlers, and all kinds of criminals on horseback. There are plenty of heroes to recruit and train as you build a posse that will bring back peace to the townfolk. Slowly but surely, the town will start to take shape with roads, buildings, and a thriving economy. The world map is vast, offering new lands to explore and PvP battles to keep you busy. Download Wild West Heroes and install it on PC using this guide to have more fun playing the game.

Developer: GOAT Games
Download: Android or iOS

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