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WILD League For Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (GamePlay)

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Download and Play “WILD League” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Animals Gone Wild

Wild Leagues is the latest attempt to put a unique twist on the ever-popular genre of multiplayer online battle arena games. In this MOBA, the brawl taking place is between animals. But, this is not your typical clash between predators and prey. The animals here are all armed and dangerous. Two teams on each side fight for water bottles in a timed 3v3 battle. The first team to collect the target number of water bottles wins. Play Wilds for PC as well and lead your team to victory. You may also find yourself trying to protect your territory from wolf packs. Battles take place outdoors in the wild and a variety of other colorful arenas.

Plenty of Animals Characters

One thing you will really love about this game is that each character has unique abilities and weapons. Play as the strong charging buffalo or warthog who takes off the ground to kill enemies with missiles. Emit poisonous gas when playing as the skunk or choose the cute rabbit that leaves a deadly energy force behind her trail. From raccoons to cats, there are plenty of other animals in the game. With more than 10 animals to choose from, Wilds for PC does not fall short of new battle warriors to test out.

Customize Your Animal

The animals in Wild Leagues can do a lot more than wield flamethrowers, machine guns and all manner of weapons. They also dress up like people. From t-shirts to hats, the game offers plenty of outfits for all the animal heroes. Throw on some threads to make your fighter stand out on the battlefield. Look even better by customizing weapons with a variety of skins. Whether you want your main weapon to look like a chainsaw or cannon, it’s all possible in Wilds for PC.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Wild Leagues

• Equip Special Abilities
Each character has at least four special abilities. Press the power-up icons on the character selection screen to equip your animal hero with special abilities. Doing so will help you fight better and dominate on the battlefield. Some abilities won’t be available right away. Clear more levels to unlock them.

• Use Consumables
You can pick up traps, jet packs, first aid kits and more to help you win 3×3 battles. Collect consumables during battles when the chance presents itself to give your team a stronger offense.

• Check the Map
A map on the top left corner offers vital information that can help you make tactical decisions. Look at it to see where water bottles are or pinpoint the location of your partners and enemies.

• Change Fighters During Battle
Any animal that dies during battle will respawn again in a few seconds. If the enemies kill you, the game offers an option to change characters. Take that chance and resurrect with a different hero if you are having trouble mastering a new fighter.

• Claim Reward Chests
Chests reward you with items to equip your animal fighter with special abilities and weapons. There are limited slots for reward chests. So, make sure to claim your reward chests as soon as possible to free up space for more.

About WILD League:

Developer: AI GAMES FZ
Download: Android and iOS

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