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How to play Wild Frontier on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Survive in the Wild-West

Wild Frontier for PC and mobile is a fun game that takes us back to the 19th century. The time is during the American Wild West era, a period when lawlessness was rife. Your task is to find a new home among the ruins of an abandoned town. However, it is not going to be easy. The reason for that is because outlaws under the leadership of a land baron named Warren McSoy have been wreaking havoc on towns across the land. Once elected as Mayor, your job will be cut out for you. Lead your people by fending off bandits and thieves to survive the harsh Wild West.

Develop Your Town

Designed as a base-building game, Wild Frontier will challenge you to build a settlement from the ground up and maintain it. There are all kinds of facilities that you will set up or keep upgrading. For instance, much of your time will go into setting up or upgrading buildings like the town hall, farm, wood camp, warehouse, proving ground, embassy, military tent, fighter camp, etc.

The structures to construct in the game fall into three categories, namely economy, military, and decorative. Ultimately, the goal is to keep expanding your territory. Therefore, you will keep building and expanding the capacity to have a chance of defeating outlaws and other rival settlements.

Build an Army

Besides building your base, recruiting muscle is the other key ingredient for being a powerhouse settlement when playing the Wild Frontier for PC or mobile. There are different workers that you will need. For instance, your settlement could use some lumberjacks, rail crew, butchers, slashers, trappers, etc. What’s more, some of the fighters can serve as soldiers after practicing combat skills in the training camp.

Additionally, players can collect heroes to dominate the Wild Frontier. These skilled characters bring something unique to the table. You can either use them to man the town wall or have them march outside the settlement with your crew to gather resources or fight against henchmen and outlaws. Once you defeat outlaws on the world map, you win resources and mayor EXP.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Wild Frontier on PC

  • Join an Alliance

Another fun side of playing Wild Frontier is that you have the freedom to join an alliance. Working with other players who control their own settlements comes with several perks. Firstly, you can rally together to take out bandit hideouts and earn top rewards. Secondly, allies can send you reinforcements and offer protection so that your settlement is not an easy farming target. Thirdly, you will be able to buy exclusive items from the alliance shop.

  • Keep Upgrading Your Facilities

Each building you upgrade in your settlement receives a boost in production or capacity. For instance, the wood camp will generate more lumber when you enhance it, whereas an upgraded proving ground opens up the ability to research more advanced technologies and further develop your Town.

  • Keep Upgrades Equal

When upgrading buildings, make sure they are on par with the level of your town hall because this is like your headquarters. Also, upgrading it unlocks other building types for you to construct. So, if you upgrade your Town Hall to level 2, do the same for all other buildings in your settlement before upgrading it again.

  • Speed Up Processes

Every activity at the settlement triggers a countdown timer, be it building a new facility, training your fighters, or sending troops to match. If you want a specific acuity to move along faster, use the speed up tokens that you earn after completing quests. These items can cut the time it takes for an activity to finish by several minutes.

  • Craft Gear

Another feature that will keep you busy in the Wild Frontier is the ability to craft equipment. You can do this in the armory. The gear you make will come in handy for the Mayor. However, you first have to gather the materials required for crafting each item. Keep in mind also that gear can be improved or even dismantled to create materials for making better options.

  • Invest in Mayor Talents

As you complete quests in the game, your Mayor gains EXP and levels up. In turn, this will allow you to invest in talent points for different types of bonuses in the game. For instance, some of the Mayor’s talents will offer a boost in military power while others can enhance development activities like food production. Take your time to study the skill tree and decide which talents would be most beneficial to your current needs of gameplay strategy.

  • Interact with the Beauties

Besides building your settlement and growing a formidable army, another intriguing feature in the Wild Frontier is interactions with beauties. You can play card games with the the beauties at the Saloon building for a chance to win their affection or get the chance to go on a date.


About Wild Frontier:

Wild Frontier is a base-building game with a unique theme. It takes you back to the Wild West era. So, put on your cowboy hat, and have some fun playing it. Your lead your crew to build a settlement in an abandoned town that’s been decimated. Besides developing it with facilities and buildings, you also have to worry about bandits, thieves, and other outlaws that have been terrorizing folks in the world map. Defeat them in gunfights by sending your troops to match outside the settlement and keep it safe. You can also recruit heroes and join an alliance. Find out everything the Wild Frontier has to offer by downloading the game today!

Developer: 37GAMES
Download: Android or iOS

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