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Plunge into the Wild Beyond

Developed by Strange Seven, Wild Beyond for PC and mobile is a fun PvP game with an interesting premise. The setting is on a distant galaxy tucked away deep in space. It’s known as The Beyond, a land that has been a mystery to society for ages. As a daring explorer, you have chosen to lead an expedition into the heart of this mysterious place. But, the locals here constantly clash in their unending quest for victory. You can recruit some of the native inhabitants of The Beyond to help you traverse this hostile land. But, you must face rival explorers with armies of their own. Settling issues with these individuals will mean having to battle it out in an explosive mix of real-time strategy and card collectible game mechanics.

Interesting Personalities & Faction

To participate in the high-action 3-minute battles on the Wild Beyond, you’ll need to recruit units. The natives are divided into three factions. First, there are the Rogues, a rowdy group of space pirates led by Roxie. Then there are the Legions, fearless soldiers striving to maintain peace and illustrate the universal benefit of superior hygiene and good manners. Finally, the Ascension is a robotic collective with an insatiable appetite for power noodles. These deadly ninja-type robots are masters in space martial arts. Every faction has a unique backstory and personality. Therefore, playing with any one of these groups offers a completely different experience.

Fight for Glory

There are two types of game modes in the Wild Beyond for PC and mobile. Campaign missions will pit you against tough bosses. Victory in this mode will reward you with all sorts of goodies. In multiplayer mode, you can take part in one-on-one battles or team up in 2v2 space showdowns. Regardless of the preferred mode, you start the game by deploying units and pitting them against your opponents. You will have a number of cards available in your deck that represent units. More cards are added to your deck as you complete more battles and you will also unlock new units along the way.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Wild Beyond

• Build Power Plants
You require energy to engage in battles. If it runs out, you have to wait until the energy bar refills. Build power plants/energy stations to speed up energy regeneration. You can build up to three energy stations so that energy can refill up much faster.

• Collect a Balanced Deck
As you reach new multiplayer mode ranks, new card slots will unlock. There are over a dozen cards slots available but you should try to build a balanced deck. For instance, a combination of melee, ranged and turret troops will be able to strike from the skies and ground.

• Check Unit Energy Costs
Consider the energy cost of any new units before adding them to your deck. While expensive units deal more damage, they also have a high energy cost. For a better strategy, try to balance your deck with both low-cost and expensive units.

• Join an Alliance
Upon reaching level four, you can unlock the alliance mode. Players who join an active alliance can win tokens to unlock new commanders and enjoy other benefits.

• Know Your Troop Strengths
All the factions in the Wild Beyond have unique abilities. Knowing what your units are capable of will help you to have good battle strategies. Melee units are good for pushing forward and you can back them up with some of your high-energy cost troops. Commanders have a big impact on battles. Bring out these juggernauts if you want an early victory or to turn the tide when you are on the verge of defeat.


About Wild Beyond:

Developer: Strange Sevens
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