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How to play West Game on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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  • Install West Game Apk from the Store.
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Build Your Empire in the Wild West

The year is 1865 and the land is America. The Civil War may have just ended but an even worse period has taken its place – the Wild West era. The rule of law is no more. Gangs, Bandits, Outlaws, and common criminals run the region. Can you survive in this unforgiving environment? Well, the West Game does not just want you to survive but rather thrive and become a true Westerner. Build a town from which you will start your empire, raise an army, and run the Wild West. But, remember, you cannot trust anyone as deception and betrayal are the order of the day.

Excellent Simulation of the Wild West

As a Wild West theme SLG, the West Game more than delivers. The developers of this game really went all out to give fans a truly wild west experience. Building your town is just the beginning. Since you are now the proud owner of a newly built town, you will need to raise an army that will defend both you and the town from bandits and other enemies. And, let’s not forget, every army needs excellent weaponry at their disposal. That calls for you to start forging legendary weapons immediately. More gameplay options include:

  • Recruiting the badest cowboys or outlaws to fight for you
  • Heading out to attack the brutal bandits roaming the great plains, and taking whatever rare material, equipment, and resources they have as spoils of war.
  • Sending a command to your sheriff to lead your men to final victory
  • Joining an alliance and match ing with them to war against your most powerful rivals in the region
  • Discussing strategies and communicating with your allies via the game’s real-time chat channels
  • Battling against millions of players worldwide in live action battles
  • Accomplishing daily quests

Learn Everything at the Academy

While there is a lot to do in the game, the good news is that you will not be doing it alone. The Academy, situated next to the Town Center, offers a wealth of information on all matters gameplay. It covers everything from the economics of construction down to skills of play such as how to forge weapons, fighting, etc. Conducting simple research in the Academy will arm you with all that you need to succeed in any level of the game.

West Game
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Tips and Tricks for Playing West Game on PC

  • Spare no Expenses for your Town

Building your town in this game requires completing a series of main storyline quests. You will find these quests posted at the bottom left side of the screen. Instructions are often simple tasks like CHOOSE YOUR EQUIPMENT, CHOOSE YOUR HEROES, BE THE FASTER DRAW, STRENGTHEN YOUR POWER, and so on. Every completed quest earns you rewards, which you then use to acquire resources to construct buildings and level up. The game walks you through all the buildings you need to construct and in what order.

After you have managed to build a few structures, the game then suggests that you start upgrading your buildings. When this happens, always go for the maximum upgrade on every building. Keeping all buildings upgraded to the maximum will translate into a very powerful town, which will come in handy later on when you are defending against invaders or looking for an Alliance to join.

  • Take full Advantage of the Build for Free Opportunity

Upgrading takes a bit of time, so the game offers a few ways to speed things up. The first option includes using ‘speed ups’ which are a resource offered as part of the rewards for completing quests. Use your speed ups sparingly, though, as they are best suited for key buildings like the Town Center or structures that take a while to upgrade. The other option is to join an active alliance since you can receive speed-ups from your player friends. You could also start an upgrade (especially one that takes hours) before heading to bed and find it completed when you log in to play the following day.

Then there is the free building option. When a building is upgrading with only 10 minutes left on the construction timer, a ‘free button’ pops up on the screen. Hitting the free button sees the building finish upgrading instantly. The only downside is that the free option becomes available a little later in the game. So, you will have to resign yourself to using speed ups in the initial stages of playing.

  • Complete as Many Quests as Possible

Completing quests is how you earn your bread and butter in this game. The more quests you complete, the more game goodies and resources you will earn and the more powerful you will become in the game. The good news is that there are quests to complete every day. The only problem is that they tend to come with an expiry date that resets every 6 hours. A good strategy is to start with the quests that take a short time to complete. Since you will be able to whip through the shorter timed quests, you will have completed a huge chunk of them if time runs out before you manage to get to all of them.


About West Game:

If you are a huge fan of western films, you will enjoy this game from LEXIANG CO., LIMITED. West Game offers everything we love about this brief historic period of lawlessness. You will engage in horseback riding across mountainous arid lands, matching your crew into intense showdowns with rival gangs, fending off bandit attacks, and even wild-west style gun duels. The varied gameplay, which features simple quests mixed with intense exciting PvP online matches and progressive solo play, is a nice touch that makes for an interesting experience.

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