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Heroic Duo

If you are a big fan of 2D platformer games, then We’re Impostors : Kill Together is one title that is worth checking out. It treats players to fun and addictive rescue missions that are full of adventure. The game involves a red and blue stickman working together to save teammates being held captive, poked, and probed like lab rats by an evil organization.

The Red Lava Boy and Blue Ice Girl must slay every last crew member. However, that is not all. Hotboy and Icegirl need your help figuring out how to get past bubbling molten lava, freezing cold pools, sharp spinning blade wheels, and all kinds of tricky traps that they will encounter along the way.

Simple and Adventurous Game Play

Playing this game is easy, thanks to its intuitive controls. You can move the red and blue stickman separately using the navigation arrows. Swapping between both heroes is possible at any time.

Making your way around the arena is an adventure in itself. You have to jump onto ledges, push boxes to step on, activate levers that move platforms, jump off springboards, rise vertically on air columns, use teleportation lasers, and so forth.

Play for Rewards

We’re Impostors : Kill Together would not be complete without offering players a reward of some kind. Along the way, you have to collect coins that help you buy knives and new costumes for your stickmen.

The bonus level is on every tenth challenge. It comes with no traps to maneuver around. Instead, you get plenty of coins waiting for you to collect.

You can also gather single letters on different levels. Once you have all of them to spell out a particular word, you will be able to pick a free prize from the crate.

When you slay a patrol guard, you also get tickets to open the best prize chest. Unlike the word complete crate, this one offers you the chance to open up to three boxes. Whenever you open a treasure chest, you can get either magnets or coins.

Tips & Tricks for Playing We’re Impostors : Kill Together on PC

• Use Free Magnets

Magnets attract all nearby coins. They come in handy, especially for those dimes that happen to be in hard-to-reach spots. However, you have to move fast because they only last for a limited period.

You can win magnets either from chests or use the free ones that pop up during a challenge. Keep in mind, though, that the latter require you to play a video ad.

• Avoid Perils

When playing We’re Impostors : Kill Together, always remember that there is a limited number of lives. As a result, it is essential to keep both characters alive. Part of this involves avoiding traps. The Red Fire Boy might be immune to lava pools, but he will vaporize instantly upon stepping on water. On the other hand, Blue Ice Girl cannot step on the red hot lava. Both of them will have to jump over perils that harm them to avoid losing a life.

The red and blue stickmen will not be immune to all perils. Some traps pose a danger to both of them. For instance, the lasers, green slime, falling objects, pointy blocks, and spinning wheels with serrated blades are just a few of the lethal dangers to avoid at all costs.

• Work Together

Although you can control the red and blue stickmen separately, they will have to work together in many instances. Sometimes one of them may have to shift or stand on a lever to move a platform where the other stickman is standing on. The stickmen can even push boxes in the middle of lava or water pools to make it easier for the non-immune partner to cross without landing on lethal liquids. As you play each level, remember that teamwork is the key to winning.

• Take Advantage of Ads and Free Prizes

Lastly, ads and free prizes provide you with many options to gather lots of coins, skins, knives, and extra lives. Make sure to take advantage of them. You can play the Lucky Spin every two hours or collect your Daily Reward for seven consecutive days after installing We’re Imposters : Kill Together. Besides providing you with free magnets, streaming ads will open extra boxes from the lottery, best prize offer, or allow you to try out new costumes and daggers.

How to play

How to play We're Imposters : Kill Together on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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  • Install We're Imposters : Kill Together Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
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About We're Impostors : Kill Together:

We're Impostors : Kill Together is a fun and addictive adventure platformer about rescuing teammates aboard a spaceship of an evil organization. The game features teamwork gameplay where you control two stickmen, the Red Lavaboy and Blue Icegirl. The two heroes have to work together to get past lever-activated platforms and doors. Along the way, there are all kinds of traps to avoid, as well, from hot lava to pools of freezing water and more. The stickmen slay crewmembers aboard each spaceship using knives. For each level they complete, they earn coins to buy lovely costumes. Help them solve tricky puzzles to find their way through each arena.

Developer: Great Arcade Games
Download: Android or iOS

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