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Run the Most Wicked Restaurant in Town

Following releases like Soul Night, Super Sticky Bros, and Cute Runner, ChillyRoom added a new restaurant simulator to their ever-growing list of mobile games. Titled We Happy Restaurant, this game is available on both Google Play and iTunes. And, you can also play We Happy Restaurant on PC with the help of our guide. Your main role will be to simply manage a restaurant all while trying to continuously upgrade machines and attract customers. But, this is no ordinary diner. You will employ some pretty questionable practices yet keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Make Abominable yet Addictive Food

We Happy Restaurant has an ominous sense of humor, which sets it apart from other cooking simulator games of its kind. In this eatery, there are no moral standards. You will prepare abominable foods laced with green essence, the magic ingredient that keeps customers always hungry and craving for more. There is a bit of fun morbidity in the different types of machines used and the foods they prepare. Be it mercury drinks, radioactive gravy, or mutated chicken, customers will keep asking for more.

Recruit Buyers

Customers are the lifeblood of your business in We Happy Restaurant on PC. You will recruit them using some convoluted, hypnotic advertising methods. The BADPIE booth rips through space and time, finds and brainwashes customers before finally teleporting them right to your door. Customers visit the serving counters to order food items. As long as the desired food is available, they will pay you and head out to the dining area. If not, they furiously pace the floors waiting for their orders.

Satisfy Customers Eternally at We Happy Restaurant

As mentioned earlier, We Happy Restaurant is a game that does not care for morals. So, you are free to gorge up customers on repulsive food to keep making lots of money. With every meal they eat, the customers level up and mutate. Customer will keep eating until they are eternally satisfied. In other words, they will go through a final transformation before exploding into green slime and leave you with all their remaining cash.

Tips and Tricks for Playing We Happy Restaurant on PC

• Scale Up Your Restaurant
Spend your in-game money to add more service counters and build your food production machines. Simply tap the pig statue to purchase upgrades. Expanding your restaurant and upgrading the equipment will not allow you to increase available food items but also serve more customers.

• Recruit Customers Wisely
It will cost you virtual money to reel in new customers. What’s more, angry customers eventually leave out of frustration. Therefore, it is important to persuade the right customers and make sure they won’t walk out. Pay attention to the food items potential customers need. Recruit customers who require food items that you already produce. Otherwise, ignore them or upgrade the machines to unlock new food times.

• Gather Green Essence
Do you want instant machine upgrades, faster sauce production or to simply keep the food tasty? Then make sure to stock up on green essence, the magic ingredient that does all that and more. You can acquire this precious commodity by completing main character tasks from the warehouse. Alternatively, tap the weird guy carrying a TV in front of the restaurant. He will offer you a limited number of chances to watch video ads every day in exchange for some green essence.

• Use the Speed Boosters
We Happy Restaurant offers a few boosts you can use to speed up tedious tasks. For instance, the digest button will come in handy if you want customers to order another meal quickly. There is also a speed-up button that will make things move along faster at the service counter. Use this function when you have long queues of hungry customers.


About We Happy Restaurant:

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