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Warrior Legend For Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install

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Download and Play “Warrior Legend- Shadow Dark Fighting Game” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

High-Action Stickman Fighting Game

Real Road Racing is the team behind Warrior Legend – Shadow Dark, an epic stickman fighting game that will leave you with tight nerves and push your reflexes to the limit. In this title, you’ll control a stickman who must slay an endless slew of enemies attacking from both directions. Soothing oriental music playing in the background sets the mood for these ninja-inspired battles. Fights take place on a ledge with woods and mountains in the backdrop. The weather might change as well, transitioning from starry nights to lovely sunsets or heavy downpour. But, amidst the picturesque scenery, high-frequency battles will be ensuing. You can play Warrior Legend on PC as well to experience intense fighting scenes that will no doubt keep you glued to your screen.

Goal Oriented Missions

Warrior Legend offers a wide range of missions for players to complete. Each mission will comprise of three goals. For instance, you may be required to reach a target score, collect a specific number of coins, and kill X number of enemies. The goals are random and you must accomplish them to unlock the next stage. Completing the missions will also earn you a chance to face off against examiners. These one-on-one duels will put your fighting skills to the test. And, if you beat the examiners, your stickman earns belts in various tiers.

Cool Array of Battle Gear

Whether you choose to play Warrior Legend on PC or using your Android device, the game offers a ton of gear. While your stickman is deadly even when unarmed, you can equip him with dozens of weapons that make killing more effective. Swords, clubs, spears, axes, clubs, guillotine blades, bows & arrows, and more, the list of weapons on offer is quite impressive. The game also lets you equip your fighter with all kinds of headgear like hats, helmets, crowns, and masks. You can either buy some of the weapons and gear through in-app purchases or unlock them after earning belts.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Warrior Legend – Shadow Dark Fighting Game

• Time Your Strikes
To strike down enemies in Warrior Legend, you need to be very precise. Strike at the wrong time and your stickman will miss, only to end up torn from limb to limb in a bloody demise. The best time to strike is when an enemy is one stride away or within the reach of your weapon.

• How to Kill Special Attackers
You will also come across special attackers with colored heads. The green men jump over your stickman so make sure to tap on both sides in quick succession when they are within striking range. The red men dodge your first strike, so double tap the screen in one direction to take them down.

• Skip Difficult Goals
If you are finding it hard to complete certain goals in a difficult mission, skip them. All you have to do is pause the game, tap on the difficult goal, and it will be struck out from the list. Keep in mind though that it costs 200 coins to skip each goal.

• Acquire Free Coins
Coins are not easy to collect during battle. Only a few spawn on the fighting ledge and you have a short window to collect them before they disappear. Instead, try to acquire free coins. At any given time, the game offers you a chance to get 50 coins in exchange for watching a video ad. Tap on the coin multiplier offers that pop-up randomly as well. These offers play a short video advertisement and double your coin collection when streaming completes.

About Warrior Legend- Shadow Dark Fighting Game:

Developer: Real Road Racing
Download: Android and iOS


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