War Wings On Your Windows PC / Mac Download And Install (Trailer)

Download and Play “War Wings” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Conquer the Skies

Great battles that are fought on land, sea or the air are often unforgettable. War Wings is an Android IOS game that will treat you to such combat action. If you want to get in on a piece of the action from the comfort of your mobile device then you should Download War Wings For PC. All you have to do is climb into the cockpit of your favorite war plane from the World War II battle and get immersed in the action. The multiplayer, dogfighting sim focuses on an amazing online playing experience. Even though airborne fighting is a hard mechanic to get right, War Wings is pretty impressive.

Control, control, control!

As a player, you will be spending a majority of your time working the controls. As such, you will be weaving through the air and taking out enemy planes in death matches. In order to control your movement, you will be required to get a good handle on the joystick. Using a few buttons, you can shoot things in the air. In order to ensure that you can move around efficiently, your throttle and air breaks will come in handy. There is no limit to the action that you will be enjoying here. Download War Wings For PC for much more fun.

Taking You Back to the 90’s

If you love to fight and flight simulators from the 90’s, you will enjoy how this game takes you back in time. As soon as you boot up your war wings, you will be greeted by a boldly dressed flight attendant who will welcome you aboard. The game has a lot of modern customization but it still finds ways to take you back 1940 era. With an abundance of airplane options to choose from, you are free to fly the plane the plane of your choice. Once you are settled in the plane, you are free to fly away and make the most of the skies.

Tips and Tricks of Playing War Wings

As War Wings puts you in the middle of dogfights, it is important to use the right tips and tricks to maneuver and defeat your enemies. Some of these tips include:
1. Know the tracking modes
In order to efficiently track down your enemies, you can simply tap on the enemy, choose the God View, Jagger or Padlock modes. This will ensure that all your targets remain in place and allows you to track them better.

2. Learn how to stall while mid-air
When your plane does not have enough power, it may stall while still mid-air. In order to remain steady and in place, all you have to do is hold the acceleration altitude for a short period of time. if you hold the button for too long, your engine may overheat. In order to avoid this, let your engine cool down before progressing with your flight.

3. Pull off all special maneuvers
By swiping on the screen, you can be able to pull off special maneuvers. For instance, the evasive maneuver will make it difficult for your enemy to track you.

4. Join a squadron
War Wings gives you the option of joining a squadron or a guild. Being part of a squad will enable you to take part in multiplayer quests and receive amazing rewards when you outperform your opponents.

5. Stay away from enemy ground limits before dropping a bomb
Before dropping a bomb, ensure that you are far away enough from enemy ground limits. This will ensure that you stay out of harm’s way. Drop the bombs once the indicator turns white. As such, you will maximize your damage output.

About War Wings:

Developer: Miniclip.com
Download: Android and iOS