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Entertaining Sequel with New Features

It is now possible to play War Tortoise 2 for PC after Foursaken Media released the sequel to one of their most intriguing shooting games. If you didn’t have the benefit of playing the first version, then it is essential to know what this series is all about. Generally, this is a wave defense game where you take control of a heavily armored tortoise, which defends itself from a massive onslaught of enemy forces using machine guns and all kinds of heavy artillery.

War Tortoise 2 is even better than its predecessor in a few respects. For instance, the graphics have certainly improved, and now you will be able to swap pilots or deploy giant heroes that smash anything that moves.

Critters at War

The animal theme of this game is perhaps what makes it stand out. When you start playing, the tortoise sits in the middle of a field where tons of other critters are trying to take it down. And, funny enough, a mouse sits at the back of the tortoise armed with a high caliber machine gun.

Before you know it, you will be shooting at animals in the forest. From raccoons with shields and armored beetle to sword-swinging toads and missile-firing fireflies, you will be facing all sorts of bizarre threats that, apparently, don’t seem to like shelled reptiles very much.

The best part is that you can recruit allies to fight for you. What’s more, the units you deploy in battle are consistent with the theme. So, that means you can build an army of mouse rangers, hamster commandos, hermit crab junkers, missile toads, and many other critters.

The enemies you take down drop cash, which will come in handy for upgrades later on. Additionally, there is a map with different locations that you have to conquer. Besides swarms of critters, big bosses also guard these posts. You will have to take down these more formidable opponents at the end of the level. And, for each captured location, your war rank level will go up, which will unlock new units for recruitment.

Epic Idle Shooter

When it comes to playing War Tortoise 2 for PC or the default iOS and Android version, the controls are easy to learn regardless of the gaming device that you prefer. All you have to do is swipe across the field of view, and the machine gun will shoot automatically when an enemy lands in the crosshair.

Although the initial levels require players to aim for targets manually, auto-battle becomes available later on once you unlock the DNA function. In this mode, your weapons will aim and shoot automatically at the closet target. However, the problem with the idle shooting mechanic is that it comes at the expense of reduced accuracy. You can get away with it, but only if you have a strong team of allies fighting for you on the battlefield. Later on, though, when enemies get more powerful, it will be more strategic to switch back to picking out the higher threats manually.

Tips & Tricks for Playing War Tortoise 2 on PC

  • Upgrade Often

As you would expect, the enemies become increasingly tough to beat as you progress in this game. For this reason, it is essential to keep upgrading your arsenal and defenses to have a better fighting chance. You can equip the tortoise with more weapons or improve its health and armor. On the other hand, you can focus on upgrading stats like DPS and critical to deal more damage. Make sure not to forget buying upgrades for your allies as well.

  • Claim Crates

Occasionally, chests will pop-up on the battlefield. It is essential to claim crates because they contain resources such as gems, cash, and power-ups. To open a chest, you can either shoot or tap it.

  • Leverage Hero/Pilot Skills

Another fantastic aspect of this game is that your heroes and pilots all have abilities that offer extra perks. For instance, you could cast these skills to increase DPS or firepower and take down enemies much faster. However, save your powerful hero or pilot abilities for strong enemies such as the boss critters that have higher HP.

  • Eliminate Dangerous Enemies First

Some of the enemies tend to have a yellow exclamation point floating above their heads, which is an indication that they are dangerous. You will see this quite often on critters that advance towards your tortoise very fast or those that unleash heavy bombardment through ranged attacks. It is essential to eliminate such kinds of threats quickly before they cause more damage. So, always remember to take out the dangerous critters first and leave your battle units to deal with the weaker enemies.


About War Tortoise 2:

War Tortoise 2 is a funny idle shooter game with tower defense gameplay where you take control of the titular tortoise that has to survive a massive onslaught of enemies. You actually fight against all kinds of bizarre critters that wield swords, shields, laser guns, and many advanced weapons. Lucky for you, your tortoise is armed to the teeth. It is by no means a sitting duck but a shell-clad killing machine. You will be able to equip it with powerful weapons, automated turrets, and upgrade its defenses using cash won from clearing waves of enemy forces. What’s more, players can recruit pilots, heroes, and critter allies. Overall, it is a good game that will challenge you when it comes to strategy since you have to decide what to prioritize when it comes to upgrades and targets.

Developer: Foursaken Media
Download: Android or iOS

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