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Determine Your Fate in the War of Destiny

Camel Games Limited, the prolific publisher of battle strategy games meant for mobile, is the team behind War of Destiny, an epic base-builder that has become quite popular. One aspect that makes it so enticing is the plot. When you start your adventure, the storyline will introduce you to what this game is about using narrations and cutscenes.

In War of Destiny, there has been world peace after a fierce and long war that drove out the Imperial Army to the moon. During their time there, the Imperial engineers discovered a new energy source known as Rutile, which advanced their weapon tech development fast.

Twenty years later, the Imperial Army launches an attack on all major cities on Earth. The allies respond with nuclear warheads and manage to shoot down all the rival spaceships out of the skies. Now, armies all around the world rush toward the rival warships to get their hands on Rutile and master the Imperial Army’s advanced technology.

Who will become the ruler of the new world? Start your adventure in this epic game, which can also install on PC by following the instructions shared in this post.

Military Warfare Base-Building Game

At its core, War of Destiny is a construction management game with a military warfare theme. You are the commander and have to build a base of operations to fight off rival camps.

The headquarters is the command center, but you will erect many other structures that serve military, economic, or decorative purposes. Additionally, every building will require constant upgrading with the ultimate goal of improving operations.

Every facility plays a unique role. For example, upgrading the battlefield will allow deployed troop formations to have more soldiers. You can also recruit troops from the encampment. The staff building is where you appoint or obtain new generals. With time, you will build the radar station that sends out a distress signal when enemies attack, the war room for increasing defense abilities, among many other structures.

Endless Battle Missions

Besides building and managing structures, you will need troops to help you fight off rivals. You also deploy soldiers to go out into the world map and gather resources for increasing the base reserves.

There are different types of troops. For example, armored soldiers drive tanks to lead the way in ground assaults. On the other hand, you can send bomber planes to unleash some heavy bombardment on enemy camps. From AFV to infantry to Artillery, you will have plenty of troop choices to pick from for different missions.

During battles, there will always be a mission to accomplish. Your troops could march out to rescue an ally who is under attack or destroy an enemy frontline command. Other tasks could be to wipe out a hostile battalion, or seize occupied war rooms, radar stations, territories, among other rival assets.

Tips & Tricks for Playing War of Destiny on PC

• Follow the Quest List

When playing this game, you can finish a list of quests to complete a chapter and unlock rewards. You can check on the missions by clicking on the text-tip that pops up on the bottom left corner of the screen, just above the menu buttons. When the quest list loads, just hit the ‘go’ button to complete the corresponding quest.

• Take Advantage of Bonus Effects

Another cool feature of this game is that you can activate bonus effects by placing some structures adjacent to each other. For example, moving the hospital next to the command center will increase the capacity to treat wounded soldiers by five percent.

Don’t worry about memorizing the activation requirements because the game lets players know what to do. When you tap/click on a structure, the ‘bonus effects’ menu might appear, and that is how you know which buildings offer this option.

• Use Free Chances to Recruit Generals

You don’t have to wait until there are enough shards or other resources to recruit generals. It is possible to get these senior army off icers at no cost. Every 24-hours, you can initiate three normal and one elite free recruits from the staff building. Therefore, take advantage of this option to increase your selection of generals.

• Join An Alliance

Finally, we end this section on War of Destiny tips and tricks by emphasizing the importance of joining an alliance. Getting allies will benefit you because you will have people who got your back when under attack. What’s more, alliance members unlock other features like being able to gather super mines within the defensive zone, a 10% bonus when gathering resources, as well as a daily defense zone reward.

How to play

How to play War of Destiny on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install War of Destiny Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play War of Destiny on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About War of Destiny:

War of Destiny is your classic military warfare-themed base base-building game. You take on the role of commander and have to build a base of operations to fight the Imperial Army & other earth rivals. You will construct a wide range of structures that boost capacity for production, defense, and offense abilities. The game has a vast world map where players can battle each other in real-time. You can also join alliances to raid weak camps more efficiently and rule the world. The best part about this game is that it has an engaging storyline that you can follow through subtitled conversations between characters. Overall, it is worth playing if you are into military warfare games that demand tactical deployment and making other strategic moves.

Developer: Camel Games Limited
Download: Android or iOS

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