Voxtale for PC Windows/Mac: Download & Install + (GamePlay)

Fun Humor-Packed Building Game

We all love a good hero story where a determined individual sets out on a selfless journey to save a bunch of despaired souls or the world from an unrelenting evil villain. Well, now you can be the beloved hero of the story by becoming Voxtale’s Chosen One! Take on this role by either playing Voxtale on PC or mobile and bring out your creative side. This game’s mission is to rebuild a 3-D cube world that was destroyed by a space-time anomaly dubbed the “Event”.

Everything in Voxtale including objects, buildings, animals, and even the inhabitants were torn apart by the Event. All that is left is millions of cube pieces of what existed before. Now it is up to you and your sidekick robot “Screeny” to put the once thriving world of Voxtale back together one tiny cube at a time. Screeny is your assigned guide through Voxtale and like all trusted sidekicks he has a special character. He is cute, capricious, and has a dark sense of humor that will leave you laughing and frowning in equal measure.

Carve your own Path to Victory

The world of Voxtale is a huge one. There are dozens of colorful and beautiful islands waiting to be rebuilt. Every island has a base with empty slots where you can place the models you build. You build items by putting together cubes that look like lego blocks. It is completely up to you on how you fill up empty slots.

There are over 1000 crazy, fun, and rare models (humans, boots, glasses, raft, etc) to build. In the game’s “Story Mode”, you have the option of building models from scratch and arranging them however you like. You will unlock several levels in this mode. Level 8 unlocks the “Free Mode”, which gives you the pleasure of building, painting, naming, and sharing models you have designed. There is also a “Random Mode” for those looking for a bit of an adventure. With this mode, you face the challenge of building pre-designed models within a set time limit.

Watch out for Hypercube

All is not smooth sailing in Voxtale. Like every villain that has ever lived, the Event left behind a dark shadow, if you will, which is out to ensure Voxtale never gets rebuilt. Hypercube is this shadow and it has the annoying power of tearing everything in its path. Luckily, you can beat Hypercube at its own game by grabbing a random model from its destructive jaws. But, there is a catch. If you choose this path, make sure to be quick. Once your time is up, the model you were trying to recover will disappear into an unknown void where it will be lost forever.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Voxtale on PC

Voxtale is a highly entertaining puzzle game especially for anyone who loves to build things. These tips and tricks can help you up your game as you build various 3-D models:

• Get Building
After you have installed Voxtale on PC, iOS or Android, build as many models as you can. The more you build, the more progress you will make. Models are a bargaining chip that will earn you cubes or gems once placed within the empty slots of your base. You can also sell models or store them away in a backpack and earn cubes or gems in return. For rare models, you earn more cubes or gems. Once you have collected a substantial amount of gems, you can trade them in for more empty slots on your base.

• Think Ahead
With Voxtale, you can only place a similar colored cube atop or next to another. The cubes; however, have tiny dots of varied colors on the edges. Therefore, if you want to add a dash of color to your model you must arrange similar colored edges in a cluster together while trying to form a very specific shape. This requires that you have a clear picture of what you are building in your head before you even start putting your model together.

• Undoing Mistakes
When you are new to Voxtale, you will probably mismatch cubes a few times. Fret not though because mistakes are easy to undo. Simply long press on the cube you want to remove until it is gone.

How to play

How to play Voxtale on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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About Voxtale:

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