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Simulation RPG with Incredible Viking Adventures

If you love role-playing games with a scintillating storyline and lots of combat adventures, then make sure to check out Vikingard. Developed by mobile gaming giant Netease Global, this release offers many exciting features.

It takes you back in time during the Vikings era. The story begins with returning to your home in the Northland, only to find it in ruins. You play as the heir of the Fharun clan and must lead your tribemates in a war against the Óttars clan.

The objective is to reclaim territory one village at a time and return your Viking clan to glory. Your adventures start in Scandinavia, but you will delve deeper into continental Europe. Along the way, adventure and plunder await the brave at heart.

Gather Brave Heroes

Although you will take on the role of trying to lead your clan to victory, you will not be a lone warrior. Vikingard allows you to gather Hersirs, mighty local military commanders in Norse mythology, who will fight by your side.

These valiant Viking warriors and Valkyries feature different stats for their level, weapons, and aptitude. As the game plot progresses, you will recruit many of them to the cause. But, you have to keep upgrading your favorite ones to make them formidable in battle.

Plenty of Game Modes

When it comes to game modes, Vikingard does not disappoint. Combat in the main story quests is simple. All you have to do is charge at enemies and trample them.

Besides storyline missions, you will discover other game modes to keep you busy. For starters, there are some light city-building elements that task you with developing your

settlement. Once you unlock the farm and mine, you will be able to rear livestock and mint your own resources.

After you unlock the Althing, you will also take battle tests against Viking warriors in the Hersirs Hall. In the Challenger’s Coast, you taunt pirates to engage in combat on a 3×3 grid floating on the sea. This mode lets you use orbs to either weaken the enemy or buff your skills.

As you progress, you will unlock the Longhouse, Alliance, Expedition, Mead Hall, Volva’s House, Training Camp, Stable, Shrine, and Rankings, and many other game modes.

As if that is not enough, players also can raise pets. The game has romance stories as well. Your main character will meet companions, go on dates, sire heirs and appoint Hersirs to train and mentor the next generation of warriors.

Ultimately, you don’t have to worry about tedious and monotonous gameplay because there is plenty to do in this game.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Vikingard on PC

• Prioritize Main Missions

As you play Vikingard, a list of main quests will appear on the bottom left corner of the screen. They display one mission at a time. You can click on the current one to launch it.

The quest objectives are usually simple tasks you carry out while playing the game. For instance, you could be asked to do activities like achieve 10-charge victories, upgrade a specific character to level 40, build a particular structure, collect food from the farm, etc.

Once completed, you will earn rewards. Additionally, working on the main quests allows you to uncover the sprawling storyline of the game.

Besides discovering more about the characters you meet in the game world, completing the main missions also unlocks other game modes. With that said, now you have three reasons to prioritize the storyline campaign.

• Meet or Exceed Recommended Might

Vikingard has a combat power system that determines how likely you can come out victorious in battle. Before entering a charge quest, the screen will display your current and the recommended level-might.

Ideally, having a higher combat power increases the chances of winning. If your current might is lower than the recommended amount, take the time to make some upgrades to raise it.

• Upgrade Hersir and Weapons

Speaking of upgrades, this game allows you to level up both weapons and characters that you currently have in your roaster. Upgrading Hersirs costs meat, which you can get in charging quests. On the other hand, weapons require specific metal ore to level up, which you can get as rewards or from the mine.

• Charge Faster

Lastly, this Vikingard review would be incomplete without mentioning a simple trick you can use to overpower enemies even when your team lacks the recommended might to complete a charge quest. All you have to do is make your units run faster. You can do that by clicking the charge button in quick succession repeatedly.

While playing Vikingard on your PC with an emulator like Bluestacks or MEmu, you will be able to use the keymapping tool. It assigns keyboard shortcuts to on-screen game controls. As a result, you can use the charge button easily by just pressing and holding down the assigned key rather than tapping incessantly on a tiny smartphone screen.

How to play

How to play Vikingard on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Vikingard Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Vikingard on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.


About Vikingard:

If you consider yourself an avid Norseman fan, Vikingard is a game not to miss. It thrusts players into the age of the Vikings for adventures filled with brawling. Your main character will lead other warriors in combat to reclaim land and glory. The activities to engage in include growing crops, presiding over trails, having children, plus raising heirs and pets. The game has a gripping storyline and plenty of game modes to keep you entertained. Make sure to install it on your PC to enjoy a better experience playing on a bigger screen.

Developer: Netease Games Global
Download: Android or iOS

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