Viber on PC – Installing Guide for Windows, Mac & Linux

Download And Install Viber On Your Windows PC / Mac

These days, the world is becoming more and more connected especially with the advent of tablets and smartphones. Viber is an example. With this app, a user can communicate freely with Android OS and automatically sync with their phone contacts to detect other Viber users. This application is light weighed and won’t affect your pocket. It is free to use and you can find them on the highly rated mobile platform.

Viber allows you to make free calls and message by using a smaller part of your phone’s data connection or WIFI. You can as well put a call through to non-Viber devices landline, while it charges you at a minimal cost. Of course, Viber is absolutely free for Android users to download.


And that’s why we are here, to walk you through the complete step by step on “how to install Viber on PC”. Firstly, it’s important you are familiar with some key features of Viber, here we go!!


  • Delivers a user-friendly interface that supports virtually all operating systems
  • Users can make calls for free other Viber users all over the world
  • Free international calls are also available
  • Send free Text messages to other Viber Users all over the world (and from any device)
  • You can invite your friends who aren’t using Viber to talk/text for free.
  • The app for PC is similar to that of Android smartphones.
  • Crystal clear voice clarity
  • No recorded issue of bugs in the app.

Viber is widely known for its instant and swift messaging service with no lag. The attractive stickers in chat messaging boost the chatting experience and make your chat more expressive and lively. Viber to Viber free call purely uses part of data and of course, causes no lags during calls. It is a free service app offering free voice calls, audios, videos, photos, stickers and any available files on the device. It forms one of the oldest apps serving the users from several previous years. Now, let’s move over to installing Viber on PC.


· Go to Viber for Windows at Just click on the “Get Viber” and start downloading.( make sure the app is installed on your phone)

· Run the downloaded installation file and install the app on your PC.

On the opening page, “click yes”. This will inform Viber that the app is on your phone, Viber will then redirect you to a QR code entry page.

Click on the Viber app on your mobile device to open it. You’ll see a QR code scanner opens automatically.

Synchronize your mobile account with desktop by scanning your desktop’s QR code with the app.

If your mobile device fails to open the QR code scanner, you can go for the manual option by clicking on “more” (you can find it at the lower right corner of your screen) and tap the “QR code scanner”.

Point your mobile device’s camera at your PC screen. This should automatically scan the code and yes! You have your desktop Viber account set up.

Tap “Open Viber” and enjoy your Viber on PC.

That’s all! Now, you should see the basic Viber window appear on your screen, displaying your contact lists.


The same process works for MAC and LINUX.

· For MAC- download at

· For LINUX- download at

And that’s it. Enjoy your free fun!!

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