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Welcome To Planet Versus

Elite Trials is an amazing game that will have you infiltrating the god’s elite court. You will be able to steal their super-powers or turn into a double agent. Based on a 140,000 novel you will be captivated with every twist and turn. As such, you will have to partake in life and death battles from time to time. All the prisoners have an equal say on who will live and who dies. However, the story does not end here. One of the gods in planet versus has a plan of revolution. He will recruit you to use your powers to his advantage.

Nothing As It Seems

On the planet, nothing is as it seems. By realizing you are stronger than the gods who recruited you, it is easy to devise your own plan. As such, you will work against the gods or be a double agent. When you Download Elite Trials For PC, you can also join Lady Venuma, Breeze and Grog as well as a new host of alien characters. Although there aren’t nearly as many characters to juggle here, you will still have a blast.

Balance of Action and Drama

Not many games can boast of the kind of action and drama that Elite Trials is all about. Everything stands out in the very best of ways. Even if the round of Elite Trials may seem familiar, there are surprisingly fresh. For instance, when tasked with creating a world and all the basic rules of its culture, you will have utmost creative freedom. Your imagination will run wild with everything that the game has to offer. Download Elite Trials For PC to enjoy these amazing aspects of the game and much more.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Elite Trials on PC

Ready to infiltrate the gods and steal their super-powers? Use these tips and tricks:

  • Watch the tutorials

When it comes to Elite Trials, the tutorials are highly important, most especially for first-time players. They will give you a general guide on what to do and teach you basics that you could not figure out individually.

  • Explore

What is the land of the gods without exploring? Take your time to explore different facets of the game so you can understand what you will be up against as well as your playing environment.

  • Use the mission board to your advantage

The mission board outlines the tasks that you can complete throughout the game. Do not ignore this tackle all missions to give yourself some extra points and strengthen your character.

  • Maneuver the map

To avoid hitting bumps in the road, learn to maneuver the map and know exactly what to expect. You need not take the longest routes to get your destination. The map offers a variety of shortcuts.

  • Set attainable goals

Your end goal is to become the most powerful player, but in order to do this, you have to take certain steps. For instance, you may decide to subvert the court on the first week and steal the god’s super-powers in the second week. In this game, slow and steady wins the race.


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