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How to play Vanguard ZERO on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Role-Playing TCG

Fans of Cardfight!! Vanguard, the famous trading card game (TCG) from Japan, now have a reason to smile thanks to the release of a mobile version titled Vanguard ZERO. The best part is that it is available in other countries on both Android and iOS.

Back in 2016, the developer canceled a Windows version of the game, citing ‘multiple diff iculties.’ Therefore, Vanguard ZERO is a reincarnation of sorts, especially now when it possible to play mobile games on PC with an emulator, as described in our post above.

When it comes to the gameplay activities, Vanguard ZERO has a lot to offer. For starters, the role-playing segment has players follow the game plot through subtitled conversations. There are also card battle duels that will test your ability to think strategically. What’s more, you will be building decks by spending earned gems and gacha tickets to buy new cards.

Besides followers of the franchise, this release seeks to reel in TCG enthusiasts with several key features. Firstly, the rules are much simpler, which shortens the learning curve for players new to the series. What’s more, many of the mechanics from the original card game have changed in favor of a faster game optimized to run smoothly on mobile. Secondly, the app has learning materials to help beginners get used to the basic gameplay mechanics. These come in the form of a tutorial and a training mode where cardfighters can hone their skills. Thirdly, the storyline starts from the beginning of the anime series. Therefore, players can relive it like someone new to the world of Vanguard.

Engaging Plot

Unlike other collectible card games, Vanguard ZERO has an engaging story that makes it quite immersive to play. It starts from season 1 of the anime series. The game introduces players to Aichi Sendou, a shy young boy in junior high school who is also the main protagonist in the plot. He owns the Blaster Blade, which is a card bequeathed to him as a child. The card can play the game known as Cardfight!! Vanguard and is quite rare. After it gets stolen, Aichi tracks the thief, only to find that someone else won it in a match. As a result, he has to challenge for it in a cardfight.

During the duel, two players have their spirits transported to a planet called Cray. Anyone who draws the corresponding cards can summon the residents or units in this realm to fight.

After Aichi Sendou wins this battle, he becomes intrigued by the allure of the Vanguard. He goes on to grow into an avid player of the card game. You learn all about the companions and rivals that Aichi will meet as you play the story mode, which comes with plenty of cardfights for you to complete.

Several Game Modes

Apart from the primary campaign and training fights, Vanguard ZERO offers other game modes as well. In the offline Character Fight battles, you can win materials for crafting new cards. These challenges also increase friendship levels with the opponents you face. On the other hand, the Challenge Fights let you test some of your best decks to come up with combat strategies. You also win gems in this mod, which can purchase more cards.

Lastly, there is a PvP mode that pits you against players from all over the world. When you are not learning about your cards, building decks, or battling in cardfights, you can also visit the ‘My Room’ section. It is a personal space that you get to create and hang out with your favorite characters in the world of Vanguard ZERO.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Vanguard ZERO on PC

  • Get Extra Rewards from Missions and Recommended Quests

Besides the instant rewards that come from each completed battle, and when you rank up, there are even more rewards that you can earn in Vanguard ZERO. To begin with, you can take on the recommended quests. These involve objectives like competing rides within the story mode, batting specific cast members in character fights, or even customizing your room. On the other hand, the game will drop more prizes when you accomplish daily, time-limited, and achievement-based missions. It is a smart strategy to prioritize accomplishing feats that appear on the ‘mission list.’ Ultimately, all the extra rewards provide the means that you need to obtain more cards from the shop.

  • Practice with Training Fights

Training fights will help you to understand the gameplay mechanics and basic rules better. So, it is a smart decision to spend more time in this mode, even if you are not new to the collectible card game genre. The fact that you get to earn gems and not use up in-game stamina/energy as you practice is also a welcome bonus. More importantly, you can take some of your decks for a spin and test some strategy. By doing so, training fights will prepare you for the more challenging PvP battles.

  • Reroll the First Card Draw Until You Get the Best Units

Once you complete chapter 0 in Vanguard ZERO, the next step is to do a 10x gacha roll twice to get your first set of cards for playing the game. What you get from the pull is based purely on luck. Ideally, you want to end up with as many cards as possible that have a high tier, such as the double or triple R ones. If you don’t like what you get from the draw, you can always delete your player profile from the game settings and start over. Keep in mind that having the best possible cards can get you off to a great start.

  • Get to Know All Your Cards

Although learning the basic gameplay mechanics of Vanguard ZERO is crucial, it won’t be enough if you want to be fare well in battle. Another essential step to take is to find out what every card in your deck is capable of doing.

There are several ways to get information on a card. For starters, you can do this from the library. Alternatively, tapping at cards in use during battles will pull up a description of their abilities.

In truth, it can take you a while to fully grasp what each card is capable of because interactions with other cards will differ. Later on, you will spend a lot of your time experimenting synergies between cards, so it is essential to know which ones work together.

As of this writing, there are four clans in Vanguard ZERO, namely the Kagero, Royal Paladin, Nova Grappler, and Oracle Think Tank. You can build decks using cards of the same clan or Cray Elementals.


About Vanguard ZERO:

Vanguard ZERO is a trading card game (TCG) with combat RPG elements. Inspired by the famous Japanese anime Cardfight!! Vanguard, it a treat for fans of the franchise. Players who want to discover this series can also do so thanks to the immersive plot. It starts from the first season of the series, where you join Aichi Sendou on his adventures in the world of Vanguard. From collecting cards and crafting new ones to fighting in card duels and following the story with subtitled conversations, the game has a lot of content that will keep you engaged. So, download it now to start your adventure.

Developer: Bushiroad International Pte Ltd_
Download: Android or iOS

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