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Enjoy an Ultimate Golf! Expereince

Much like its name, this game seeks to provide players with the ultimate golfing experience, which it does through a very realistic design. The fields in Ultimate Golf! are in fact graphic depictions of real golf courses. They comprise of lush green fields complete with rough patches of grass, bunkers, fairways, and the usual golf course obstacles. Everything (including scenic backdrops of hilly terrain, clear skies, and trees) looks stunning with 3D graphics rendering, giving the game a very life-like feel.

Realistic Gameplay

If you know nothing about golf, it is probably wise to learn the basics of the game before you pick up Ultimate Golf! to play it on your PC. The game uses real golf phrases like ‘in the rough’, ‘putt for par’, ‘putt for bogey’, and ‘hole out for birdie’ as you play. As a result, it will be easier to keep up, pick the right golf club for each shot, and make impressive swings if you actually know what you are doing.

The game also follows the same rules as actual golf, with each round requiring you to drive, chip, and putt your way to victory. Ultimate Golf! even goes as far as factoring in realistic physics (draw/fade and spin of the ball), thus creating the perfect golf simulation.

Simple-to-use Controls

Matches happen in two steps. Firstly, there is the Aim Mode whereby you line up your shot. Secondly, the Swing segment takes place. Also, both of these actions have their respective control buttons.

Aim Mode shows you an aerial view of the ball’s trajectory as well as wind speed and the entire golf course. Of course, this helps you point out exactly where you want the ball to land and in what direction it will travel.

Once you are done aiming, you then hit the Swing button. At this point, the game requires you to do two things before the ball takes to the air. First, you need to drag the ball backwards to an indicated circle and hold until it glows green. A power gauge will then appear in which case you should continue holding until the pointer lands perfectly in the middle (area with green color) and then release.

During the final stroke(s), a series of arrows draw out a path from the ball to the hole. The arrows glow red when you are using too much power in your swing and green to indicate just the right amount of swinging power required to get the ball into or closer to the hole.

A Choice of 3 Modes of Play

The fantastic thing about Ultimate Golf! is that you will be playing against real players. You can also challenge your friends and family to a round of golfing. However, the rules differ depending on what mode you choose to play.

In Head To Head, the game pits you against another player with the goal being to putt the ball (i.e., hit the ball to roll into or near the hole) in as few plays/strokes/swings as possible.

On the other hand, the game goes into a par 3 hole tie-breaker round if both you and your opponent happen to land the ball in the hole within the same number of tries. In the run-off, however, the player who gets the ball closest to the hole after 3 strokes wins.

Other modes you can play include the Tournament and Golf Royale. Both set you against multiple players where you battle it out for position of top golfer through a series of elimination rounds.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Ultimate Golf! On PC

  • Carefully Measure your Shots

Whether you are playing a head to head match, participating in a tournament, or challenging players in the Royale mode, the win goes to the first player who gets the ball inside the hole, or closest to the pin (flag indicating hole position). Although this may prompt you to rush through your strokes, it is prudent to take it slow so that you can come up with effective moves. Take a minute to consider the position of the pin, wind speed, and the course layout before positioning the ball where you want it to land. Also, make sure the ball is perfectly aligned before swinging. Remember, accuracy will get you much further in Ultimate Golf! than speed.

  • Aim for a Long Drive

Hitting a perfect drive/tee shot (i.e., first stroke) will greatly increase your chances of winning a round when playing Ultimate Golf! on your PC. So, go long and aim for the pin. The closer you are to it, the easier (and quicker) you will be at scoring a birdie.

  • Keep Topping your Best

The ultimate goal in this game is to become the best golfer. Keep putting in your best effort because that will slowly help you to rank up from amateur to rookie to veteran, and eventually climb towards the top of the game’s Amateur and Pro Leagues leaderboards. The better you score, the higher you will rank in the leaderboards.

  • Go for High Reward Challenges

Finally, you will quickly realize that you cannot do much in this game without spending coins. Golf bags cost coins and there is an entrance fee to pay before every challenge. An excellent way to earn tons of coins fast is to go for the game’s side challenges. Besides sizeable chunk of coins, challenges get you nice rewards. For instance, you could win a range of clubs and balls that will work to improve your game. The challenges really put your skills to the test, though. With that in mind, make sure to first practice a lot and perfect your swinging.

How to play

How to play Ultimate Golf! on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Ultimate Golf! Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Ultimate Golf! on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Ultimate Golf!

If it is a Miniclip game, you know it is bound to be engaging, easy-going, and simple enough for all to enjoy. As the latest addition to Miniclip’s sports genre, Ultimate Golf! certainly lives up to all this expectation and makes yet another top quality game from a renowned developer. The game is highly competitive in nature, requiring you to play every day if you want to ascend the leaderboards. Overall, it is a great game that allows you to enjoy digital rounds of golf in a competitive, engaging, and fun way. Make sure to try out Ultimate Golf! on your gaming PC as well to appreciate the stunning 3D graphics and lovely courses that this game has to offer.

Developer: Miniclip.com
Download: Android or iOS

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