Toy Warfare for PC | Gameplay Review | Install on Mac/Windows

Toy Figurines at War

Imagine a world where toys are constantly at war? One game that brings such a scenario to life is Toy Warfare, the combat strategy game published by PlaySide Studios. It features battles between all your favorite toys, from Barbie dolls and cuddly bears to remote control cars and dozens of action figures.

You will lead your squad of heroes against the villains in endless battles. Be the last team standing, and victory will be yours.

To install this fun and addictive game on your PC, follow the steps shared in this post.

Simple Gameplay Mechanics

When it comes to gameplay mechanics, Toy Warfare is easy to grasp. You will assemble your squad of toys and deploy them on the battlefield to face a rival team. The fighting action is automated, which means winning relies on strategies like upgrading your units and changing battle formations.

You can have a maximum of 16 toys in battle all at once. When you don’t have the grid full of toys, there is room to experiment with different formations. For instance, placing the highest upgraded melee tanks at the front and letting the more vulnerable ranged toys like those that fire weapons stand safely in the back row is always a good strategy.

Battle stages consist of ten fights. There is also a boss fight somewhere in between. These single gigantic villains shrink after taking damage from attacks unleashed by your units. Defeat them, and a massive reward will be yours.

As you complete levels, new toys become available for purchase. You can buy cards to add new units to your roster. Other rewards for completing battles include coins and chests with new toys that get added to your collection directly.

Idle Loot Feature

Another feature in Toys Warfare that makes it fun to play is the Idle Egg. Essentially, this feature keeps your toys fighting the villains even when you have not launched a battle or after exiting the game.

The Idle Egg hatches or generates a particular number of coins and gems per hour. Once you log back into the game, you will find plenty of loot to collect. When you are online, make sure to keep checking whether there is any idle loot waiting for you to claim.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Toy Warfare on PC

• Complete Missions

In addition to the rewards you collect for completing levels, there is even more loot to gather by completing missions. These are small goals that the game challenges you to accomplish. For instance, some of the mission objectives could be to get ten battle victories, claim five new toys, slay twenty barbarians, earn a certain amount of coins from the Idle Egg, and so forth. Upon completion, the missions will drop coins and gems for you to claim.

• Watch Ads

After each victory, you earn a coin reward. What’s more, you will see an option to increase your loot up to three times, which pop-ups on the screen at the end of every level. Capitalize on it to boost your in-game currency. The process of tripling your coins requires that you stream a short video ad. As a result, make sure your data connection or Wi-Fi is on for the process to be a success.

• Merge & Upgrade Toys

As you make progress in the game and new toys continue to unlock, you will add duplicate copies to your roster. Once you acquire units of the same level, you can merge & upgrade them. Keep using this feature because enhanced toys come with more stars, health, attack, and speed.

• Overcome Defeat with Upgrades & Change of Strategy

Sometimes your team of toys can lose a battle. However, there are two measures you can take to improve your odds before trying again. Firstly, if there are any duplicate toys of the same tier on the battlefield, then make sure to merge and upgrade them to increase their stats. Secondly, use a different battle formation. Changing up the positions of your toy units might increase the chances of overpowering your enemies.

How to play

How to play Toy Warfare on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Toy Warfare Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Toy Warfare on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Toy Warfare:

Toy Warfare is a combat strategy game that lives up to its name. In the game, all kinds of cute but vicious toys wage war against each other. Two teams go head-on, and the side with units that remain standing after obliterating the competition comes out triumphant in battle. You can build a roster full of action figures, toy cars, cuddle bears, and all kinds of toys. The game has hundreds of unique levels waiting for you to conquer. Overall, it offers a fun and addictive experience thanks to the minimalistic art style, massive array of toys to collect, progressive upgrade system, and epic boss fights to test your skills.

Developer: PlaySide Studios
Download: Android or iOS

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