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Laid-Back Game of Strategic Tower Defense

Tower Defense sometimes comes off as a limited gaming genre. However, Towerlands – Strategy of Tower Defense for PC combines tower defense with RPG elements and strategic gameplay to bring something unique to the table.

In this game published by Black Bears, you will be taking on the role of a castle Lord in a fantasy world. Gameplay requires you to construct a tower and use it as a defense post to fend off enemies (Orcs, bandits, and the undead). Your clan is fighting because the evil intruders are trying to infiltrate and destroy the city that you worked hard to build from the ground up. Therefore, you must stop them at all costs. Keep in mind, though, that the combat action is of low intensity. What you need to concentrate on in this game is strategy.

A Choice of 27 Players

For fighters, you get to choose from 27 players referred to as units in the game. They come in all manner of heroes, including archer, warrior, wizard, knight, tactician, scavenger, crossbowman, and more. Units are introduced gradually at different levels, where you will need to spend gold or diamonds to acquire the new and deadlier players that come by.

Every unit comes with a unique set of skills. For instance, the archer shoots arrows, looter increases the number of gold received from kills, veteran increases EXP gained from kills, crossbowman stuns the enemy for 2 seconds, and so on. It is essential to learn the skills and attack damage for all units (done by simply tapping on the ‘Units’ button). Doing so will enable you to arrange the best team of units that will deal the most damage and gain the best rewards.

Simple Play Menu to Navigate through Play

With 1,000 waves of enemies to defeat, there is plenty of action in Towerlands – Strategy of Tower Defense for PC. The game also has a simple tap-menu on the left side of the screen, which features Tower, Clans, Map, and City buttons on the left side of the screen. The clan button gives you a chance to join a clan of active online players with whom you can share resources, while the map button takes you to castles you can conquer and make part of your city.

On the other hand, the tower button takes you to a secondary menu at the top of the screen with controls for Tower, Units, Modules, and Turrets. These buttons allow you to level up/upgrade units, tower, modules, and turrets, all of which works to increase your tower stats. Consequently, this will give you more firepower in the game.

Tips & Tricks for playing Towerlands on PC

  • Focus on Upgrading Your Tower

In this game, the battle is as good as lost when your tower loses strength. Upgrading the tower increases its overall strength. As a result, this allows it to withstand attacks even from the fiercest of attackers without hemorrhaging Health Points (HP). So, do not wait around until you lose to improve your tower. It takes 50-gold per tower upgrade, while you earn hundreds of gold with every successful round. As such, this makes it possible to upgrade your tower after every battle.

Besides fortifying the tower, an upgrade will increase the height of the tower and also gift you with an extra slot to put in an additional unit.

  • Take Out the Front Attackers First

During battles, enemies come at you in waves spread over several formation lines. Therefore, your best bet of winning is to start by taking out the frontline attackers to prevent them from getting to your tower. The enemy will deal more damage when they get close to the tower.

Make sure to always include a knight in your tower because it is a smart defensive strategy. If a few enemies manage to get too close to the tower, you can take them out quickly by activating a knight’s unique ability (as discussed in the next tip).

  • Save Your Special Strikes for Enemy Clusters and Bosses

Some of the units in this game have unique abilities. You can activate these skills by tapping on a player when a green circle appears on the screen. An archer, for instance, releases a hail of arrows while the knight unit releases two more knights onto the battlefield.

Before every battle, the game shows the new enemies and big boss that you are about to face. Save your special attacks for when the shown rivals come at you in a cluster or when the big boss appears. Even better, save the special attacks from two different players and unleash double the attack on the bosses.

  • Build Your City as You Progress

For this part of the gameplay, it is entirely up to you when it comes to how to proceed. In other words, you can upgrade your city as you see fit. However, it is equally as important as defending your tower. For example, building and enhancing training grounds will give your units a place to sharpen their skills and become battle-ready. Alternatively, constructing a gold mine allows you to collect bonus gold coins from storage. Upgrading the mine sees you earn more gold coins after battles. Bottom-line, do not neglect the city building and upgrading side of play.


About Towerlands - Strategy of Tower Defense:

If you are an avid gamer who likes to keep up with what the gaming world has to offer, you will love Towerlands – Strategy of Tower Defense. It is a newly released tower defense game that you can play both online and offline, featuring a fantastic online clan system. With eight locations to conquer, six buildings to build/manage, and a thousand battles to keep you busy, Towerlands is not just easy to play but also captivating. You will get immense satisfaction from watching your tower grow and become more impenetrable from all the effort you put into defending it.

Developer: Black Bears
Download: Android or iOS

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