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Over The Top Car Racing

There is nothing more exciting and adrenaline pumping than an intense car racing game. If you thought you knew cars, be ready to test your knowledge with Top Drives; the best car racing card collection game that exists. Bugatti, Porsche, Mercedes… you name it! All your dream cars will make an appearance here. Forget about ordinary car races as the ones you will encounter in this game are truly worth your while. You can also Download Top Drives For PC to manage or upgrade your cars in the best ways.

Amazing Race Scenarios

The race scenarios and car photography are simply stunning. If you want to take things to the next level, you can also participate in the drag strips, hill climbs, and race circuits. Brought to you by London- based developers, Hutch Games, Top Drives is a perfect fit for
racing and car enthusiasts.

Collect Diverse Car Cards

In order to be successful while playing this game, you will collect a number of car cards which will help you in building a solid team. Thereafter, you can set up your team to take part in the races and events. You will enjoy worldwide racing events that can keep you busy. Traveling from the West Coast USA to Finland is nothing short of an adventure on its own. Going head to head with other drivers may just be the most exciting part of your playing experience. Download Top Drives For PC to equally partake indoor karting and much more.

Tips and Tricks For Playing Top Drives

When it comes to Top Drives, if you snooze, you lose. It is important to ensure that you have the best collection of cars as well as driving skills. These tips and tricks will also be helpful:

• Build a diverse collection of cars
Top Drives is a game that focuses on car racing across a variety of challenges. As such, do not rely on one specific type of car to get you through the challenges.

• Collect all your prizes
Every race will treat you to 15 prize cards. When you win a race match, ensure that you collect all of your prizes.

• Beat all your opponents
By beating your opponents, you will get a chance to win their favorite car. This will also go a long way in building your collection.

• Flip on the cards for stats
Tap on any car that is in your garage and get to find out more details about it. You can easily access options such as “sell car” or upgrade.

• Learn your cars
In a game that comprises of 700 car cards, you will certainly need to know your cars well. Remember, different cars are suitable for different races. As your garage has a limited number of card slots, you should choose cars that accelerate quickly.

• Upgrade
Every car is upgradable. As such, once you get your cars, focus on upgrading them. Consider weight engine and classic upgrades using the game currency.

• Replay every location to earn more rewards
Each location has a maximum of three stars to collect and 15 reward cards for you. It is best to replay the locations to collect as many stars as you can.

Top Drivers
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About Top Drives:

Developer: Hutch Games
Download: Android and iOS