Tiny Shop for PC – Cute Fantasy Craft, Design & Trade RPG

Become a Magic Merchant

Simulation games tend to offer simple yet addictive challenges that are fun to carry out, and that is what gaming fans can expect from Tiny Shop, the cute fantasy, craft, design, & trade RPG published by Tiny Cloud.

You take on the role of a rookie in the trading guild. Your goal is to sell magical and epic goods, make money, keep your store running, and upgrade it to be the best one in town.

Although Tiny Shop officially available on mobile, you can still install it on PC. Check out the instructions shared in this post to find out how.

Manage Your Shop

For the most part, you will spend your time managing the shop. It requires constant restocking and selling to customers. Buyers come in and find items on the stands before heading over to make a payment. When any of them is standing by the counter, you can click on it to cash in.

Selling items earns you coins. In return, these earnings help you buy more stock or even new furniture for the shop. Some furnishings serve as stands or shelves. Others are just decorative and will help to give the interior decor of your store a facelift.

You can also rearrange your furniture freely or sell pieces that are no longer useful to get coins.

Furthermore, players have the option to upgrade their shop from tiny to medium to large using coins. The higher the tier, the more stands and furniture your store can accommodate.

Another feature that makes Tiny Shop fun to play is your shop assistant. Jellykin, your sentient, cheerful, affectionate, and optimistic helper, naturally knows how to make the best out of people and improve customer satisfaction drastically.

The best part is that your assistant will continue to sell items for your even when you are offline. Just fill up your warehouse to the brim before logging out, then sit back & let the cash flow.

As you upgrade your shop, Jellykin also gets access to some improved abilities. These can include skills to move faster, a 10% boost in prices, or the ability to attract customers.

Sell Enchanted Goods

Tiny Shop: Cute Fantasy Craft, Design & Trade RPG has a unique charm of its own that makes it stand out. The magical theme that the game emulates will captivate your imagination.

You will be selling all kinds of strange items like enchanted tomes, alchemy goods, and ingredients for making potions. Everything you need as a vendor is available on the trading guild market. However, you have to spend coins to restock.

You can only buy items repeatedly over a limited number of times, after which the market will require some time to refill. Spending purple gems removes the countdown-timers on disabled items on the market, making them available for purchase. There is also a botanist in the game who sells seeds for planting enchanted crops in your garden.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Tiny Shop for PC

• Level Up Your Stands

Leveling up the stands for your shop makes them more efficient. The higher the stand level, the more money items placed on it will generate. As you sell magical items and earn coins, you can use the earned income to upgrade your stands.

• Complete Your Tasks

The tasks tab will provide a list of small assignments for you to complete. For example, the challenge can be to collect 75 gold, upgrade stands to a particular level, sell a specific type of product for x-number of times, and so forth. Upon accomplishing any task, free rewards like gems, gold, or items to sell become available for claiming.

• Take Advantage of Ad Offers

Occasionally, you might see various prompts on the screen that have the “AD” label. For instance, the one indicating INCOME x2 doubles the price of every item you sell briefly. On the other hand, the SPEED UP prompt will allow customer movement and selling over the counter to proceed slightly faster for a limited period. Other times, a prompt indicating GIFT appears, and engaging it drops free goodies for your shop.

Clicking any of these prompts will stream a short video advertisement before the corresponding buff activates. Make sure to take advantage of them because they tend to pop-up and disappear.

• Send Adventurers for Expeditions

Although it is easy to get so caught up with selling items for cash, Tiny Shop also offers another way to get free items for your store. From the Journeys section on your home screen, you will be able to send licensed adventurers on expeditions. They head out on missions to bring back valuable items for you.

Each expedition/mission shows the time your adventurers will take to complete it, plus the rewards to expect. Once the loot is ready for collection, you’ll find it in the Journeys section waiting for claiming.

How to play

How to play Tiny Shop on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Tiny Shop Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Tiny Shop on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Tiny Shop: Cute Fantasy Craft, Design & Trade RPG:

Tiny Shop is a fun and addictive Craft, Design & Trade simulation RPG that lets you design your own store and sell enchanted items to customers. You will have the chance to plant and harvest exotic crops, craft powerful potions, and send adventures to collect valuable items to sell. By continually reinvesting in your store and expanding it, you will become the best shopkeeper in town. With your shop assistant ready to help, you will be able to boost your shop's statistics to gain more gold and XP. Play this fun simulation RPG on your PC today to start your adventures in the trading guild.

Developer: Tiny Cloud
Download: Android or iOS

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