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How to play Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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A Case of Mysterious Disappearance

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a cool puzzle game with a plot that is just as intriguing as its title.  As the game’s name implies, there is a mystery to solve, and you will be looking for clues in a bunch of rooms. The game is about a small town known as Redcliff. After receiving a call from your father requesting for help, you go back there only to find a ghost town. Everyone has mysteriously disappeared. Your goal is to find out where all the inhabitants have gone and what happened to your father. You can download this fun app by Kiary Games from the Google Play Store. Although the developer has not hinted at releasing Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery for PC, you can learn how to install it on Windows or Mac using our guide below.

Solve 3D Puzzles

The premise about this game may sound like you are going to be involved in complex investigative processes, but the gameplay is rather quite simple. All you will be doing is looking for clues by investigating 3D settings. Players have to swipe, pinch and tap the touchscreen to interact with objects within the scene. While rotating as well as zooming in and out on your phone, you will gradually find leads.  There are doors to unlock, codes to decipher, secrete passages to discover, and lots of puzzles to solve. Every milestone advances the plot while providing answers as you slowly put the pieces together to find out what happened to the missing town people.

Progressive Chapters with Unexpected Plot Twists

If you have a penchant for mystery, then Tiny Room Stories: Town Mysteries won’t disappoint. Riddled with unexpected plot twists, you will not help but wonder where the story leads. The first season, which is free to play, contains seven chapters in total. Your investigation will take you from the residential building and streets to the church, a bank, and catacombs. The best part is that there are lots of detailed and colorful scenes to investigate plus the puzzles are always changing. With the first season ending with more questions than answers, you may not be able to help yourself but buy the next installments.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery on PC

  • Observe, Analyze, Decipher

As you investigate the scenes in Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery, make sure to be very observant. Most clues remain hidden. Therefore, look closely at the 3D image. Analyze every nook and cranny meticulously. You can get an idea of what to look for by reading subtitles that appear on the screen occasionally.

  • Leave no Stone Unturned

You should think and act like a detective when playing this game. Look for clues aggressively. Sometimes not all items appear on the scene so you should rotate your screen to cover all angles.  Remember also to move furniture around, pick up objects that are out of place, and return stray items to their rightful place.

  • Request for Hints When Stuck

If you can’t seem to get past a scene that turns out to be too hard to solve, ask for a hint.  The game will provide a link to the walkthrough video for that chapter, which you can watch to find a clue.

  • Play on the Right Device

Another essential tip to keep in mind before you play this game is making sure not to install it on a slow device. The game runs on Android 4.1 and later as a system requirement. However, the 3D scenes may lag, or game can crash if you are playing on a slow device.


About Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery:

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery treats players to an escape room and puzzle solving game experience with an immersive storyline. The game concept is interesting in its own right. Playing is not only enjoyable due to the colorful artwork but also because of the interactive elements found in the 3D images. Each scene is fun to investigate thanks to the realistic graphics and hidden clues. If you love a good brain challenge, then that is what you will get from the puzzles in this game. They are tricky enough to keep you busy, but not so hard that you end up frustrated. And, even if you get stuck, a hint is just one short video ad away.

Developer: Kiary Games
Download: Android or iOS

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