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How to play Three Kingdoms: Massive War on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Three Kingdoms: Massive War Apk from the Store.
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Download, Install and Play Three Kingdoms: Massive War on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Download and Play “Three Kingdoms: Massive War” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

An RPG Strategy Game

Three Kingdoms: Massive War is an Android game that takes you right into three kingdoms that you will be required to explore. This latest strategy game showcases a blend of strategy and lots of action. There are no cool-downs as far as this game is concerned. The massive war multiplayer will have you fighting to conquer the kingdoms, forging alliances and commanding powerful heroes. It is also possible to do this and much more when you download Three Kingdoms: Massive War for PC. You will certainly put your strength to test.

Fight For The States

To ensure that the states of Wei, Shu, and Wu remain safe, you have to put your best battle skills forth. While the battles may get complicated, they can be handled by the best players. You will rule as the lord of all three kingdoms and your main goal will be to fight for their peace and harmony. Famous cities such as Jiangxia and Red Cliff will act as your stronghold. They will offer a rich geographical variation that will affect the layout and strategy of all the battles you organize.

Real-Time Battles

The best aspect of the game is the fact that you can easily participate in the massive real-time PVP battles. This will enable you to command your troops, heroes and thousands of soldiers all at real-time. It will also be easy to carry out war tactics like launching fierce attacks and road-breaking. When you Download Three Kingdoms: Massive War for PC, you can also partake in various national quests that will test your skills against the best players. Want to build and customize a strong army? Not a problem! As you play the game, you will find it easy to collect the most powerful heroes, train them level up and supply them with a number of superior weapons. Needless to say, you will not be disappointed by what this game has in store for you. It is certainly time to go to war!

Tips and Tricks For Playing Three Kingdoms: Massive War on PC

· Complete all Missions

There are a variety of PVP missions that you will require to participate in. the more missions you participate in, the stronger you will be against your opponents.

· Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance will further your game in the best of ways. Ensure to build an alliance early and work with other players to achieve similar goals. It will be easy to defend each other’s turf in this way and have an extra defense when you are under attack.

· Gather Resources

In any combat-style game, resources are useful for ensuring your survival. Do not skimp out on any resources that you see. They will help you put up necessary structures as well as keep you alive for as long as it takes. It will also enable you to house your army.

· Hide Your Troops Strategically

While it may be tempting to immediately send out your troops to the front of your battlefield, using them strategically will determine your success or failure. This is why you should send your troops to places without resources as the enemies will pay little to no attention to them there. As such, the troops will be safe from attacks for a long time period.

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