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Tragic Birth of a Hero

After Alda Games released The Walking Zombie: Dead City, this went on to become one for their most successful titles, garnering over 1-Million downloads. Now, the sequel to this game is out. The Walking Zombie 2 brings new features that might make it just as, if not more, popular than the initial release. But, before we jump into the game features, it is important to mention what the story here is all about. Unlike its predecessor, The Walking Zombie 2 is not a stationary FPS. It doubles up as an RPG, where you play the main protagonist born into a world full of zombies. Your infected mother died just giving birth to you. Despite the tragic beginning, you are the only one who is immune to the zombie virus. For that reason, you become a symbol of hope and the hero who can save the world.

Find out where this premise leads to by playing this game. Tons of quests await you and you can install the Android version that is already available on the Google Play Store. As of this review, Alda Games also announced that The Walking Zombie 2 for PC will be available on Steam by August 2019.

Survive or Become Zombie Dinner

Raised by wanderers who found refuge in the woods, your main character will be part of a small population living in a settlement. The supporting characters who live in the camp often ask for favors when you stop to interact with them. Quests range from campsite dirty jobs to zombie killing sprees that aim to keep everyone safe. There are lots of story missions and side quests to keep you busy. And, zombies, in many different kinds, are everywhere. You can kill them with a range of guns and melee weapons. As you complete more missions, you will acquire better weapons, protective gear, equipment, as well as gain skills and perks.

Choice Driven Encounters

Each time you interact with characters in this game, you have to make a decision based on two choices. It is essential to know that the choices you make during dialogues will have an impact on the gaming experience. Walking Zombie 2 uses a Karma system. What this means is that your deeds, whether good or bad, reflect the kind of random game encounters and dialogues that will come your way. Are you are a good guy? If so, you will get mostly saint missions. On the other hand, the bulk of quests for bad guys will include underground bounty hunter missions.

Tips and Tricks for Playing The Walking Zombie 2 on PC

  • Improve Skills

The main character you will play as in this game has various skills. These include abilities relating to firearms damage, melee weapons damage, critical hit damage, defense, speech, healing, lock picking, etc. Upgrading these skills will unlock various game features and improve your ability to survive challenging circumstances. For upgrades, you need skill points, which you earn after completing certain quests.

  • Use Perk Points

Perk points are rewards that you will earn on occasion for completing missions. Using this resource, you can activate perks for your character. Faster healing, quick hands, adrenaline, as well as the ability to read and learn fast are just a few perks you can unlock to improve your game.

  • Trade

One of the new features in The Walking Zombie 2 is trading. You can visit the trader to sell items or acquire beans, grenades, ammo, guns, melee weapons, medkits, reading materials, outfits, armor, and so much more. All you have to do is exchange silver coins to obtain supplies and gear. Spend your silver wisely since this in-game currency is not always the reward you will get for completing every quest.

  • Aim Zombies on the Head

When going up against The Walking Dead, line up your firearm’s iron sights to aim for headshots. Doing so drops ordinary zombies dead with one shot. As a result, you will use less ammo and reduce reloading time, which may give zombie hordes a chance to get closer.


About The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie Shooter

The Walking Zombie 2 is an RPG and FPS fusion that will plunge you into a good old fashion post-apocalyptic story. It has an interesting premise and engaging set of events that unfold as you interact with various supporting characters. What’s more, you can even access new dialogues by improving your talking skills. Besides killing a variety of enemies such as zombie walkers, bandits, and huge boss mutants, you can trade as well as learn new skills to change your playing style. Alda Games no doubt took it a notch higher with this sequel. And, the best part is you can play The Walking Zombie 2 for PC or mobile.

Developer: Alda Games
Download: Android or iOS

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