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How to play The Royal Affairs on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Be Ruler

If you love role-playing then this game will be perfect for you. Set in the medieval times, The Royal Affairs on PC promises you an ancient experience that you will never forget. The Royal Affairs will have you as aspiring lord, ruling over the people and making executive decisions in the palace. As a player, you will get to run the royal household but your duties and responsibilities do not end here. You will also partake in royal politics, conspiracies, sensual romance escapades and much more. All you need to do is a rule and ultimately be the supreme king.

Exceptional Features

When it comes to great features, The Royal Affairs outdoes other similar games. While you can dibble and dabble in all aspects of the kingdom, you are ultimately looking for love and a life partner. In order to do this, you have to meet a variety of beauties and finally narrow them down to one who will steal your heart. Who will be the leading act in your romance stores? The beauties include a compassionate princess, a fire-breathing duchess, and a mystical governess. They are all at your disposal- you choose!

Other amazing features include:

• An established dynasty
When The Royal Affairs on PC promises to take you on a royal journey, it does not disappoint. If anything, it will surpass your expectations. When you take charge of the established dynasty, you will be required to set up marriages, establish your lineage and have heirs.

• Assistants
Every ruler needs to have a reliable group of people who will help in discharging duties. No matter what you need to do, your royal servants’ will make it happen.

• A kingdom to be managed
What is a kingdom without good management? To ensure that your kingdom remains standing and keeps flourishing, it is important to have good management. Remember, you also have indispensable resources such as money that needs to be properly managed.

Tips and Tricks for playing The Royal Affairs on PC

• Participate in the campaign battles
Once you get to the gate of the castle, the story will unfold just as it was meant to. Here is where you will learn about the campaign battles and how they will influence your game. When you participate in the battles, you will gain prestige and you may even win the title of the best knight to ever fight. There are also many random items from the battles that will come in handy in other stages of the game.

• Be your best
Fight the battles as best as you can as they will be able to progress you through The Royal Affairs. At the beginning stages, the fights are fairly easy but they get more complicated as the game progresses. Easy or hard- always be your very best when fighting in the battles.

• Do not forget about the council affairs
The Royal Affairs has a big building that is called the Council. Usually, it has some affairs that you should take care of. As the great ruler that you are, visit the council from time to time and ensure that you take care of any pending affairs.

• Level up
You can only level up using prestige points that are obtained when you fight in the campaign battles, meet with the council to solve issues or completing quests. Level up your character so you can be able to take on your enemies more easily.


About The Royal Affairs:

Developer: Reality Squared Games
Download: Android and iOS

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