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World War I-Set Strategy War Game

The Great War Rivals game is more your speed if you are a history buff. Its developers (eRepublic Labs) give the game the official description of “accurate historical setting in a cartoony style.”

True enough, this game sees you step back in time and fight alongside WW1 veterans. For instance, these include the likes of King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II, Manfred Von Richthofen, and Flora Sandes.

Before sending you out to the trenches, The Great War Rivals first has you pick a side. Play as either the Allied Powers (France, Japan, Russia, Britain, Italy, & the US) or Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria).

From there, you will receive an advisor, which varies depending on the side you select, who will show you the ropes of the game. Should you feel like switching things up, you can also change sides anytime.

In the game, you will be playing the role of a commander. Your endgame is to rise to the top of military rankings. You are to build a strong base, raise a powerful army, and prove your might by slowly taking over enemy camps. In addition to that, the game requires you to build your own alliance or join one.

Build & Expand Your Base Camp

For this part of the game, The Great War Rivals has you build a camp that will serve as your base of operations. Generally, this is where you will house your troops, train them, and produce vital resources.

Your base will consist of multiple buildings starting with a Food Supply Farm, Training Camp, Oil Refinery, Cement Factory, and Steelworks. More structures, including a House, Hospital, University, and Supply Station, will come later.

You will start with one building at a time, after which the game will ask you to build more houses, more farms, more hospitals, and so on until you end up with a full-blown military base complete with planes and tankers.

Pre-Set Missions To Follow

When it comes to playing, The Great War Rivals keeps everything neat and orderly. It consolidates the whole experience into a series of progressive missions. Sure, you can march your troops to war at will or have to go on the defense when attacked, but a chunk of play involves you completing given tasks.

Even the very act of building your camp requires you to follow pre-set missions that come in 5 categories. These include the Base Missions, Daily Tasks, Commander Missions, Alliance Missions, and VIP Missions.

Commander missions involve sending out your top officials for long periods. On the other hand, the latter two are only accessible once you have joined an alliance or gained VIP access to the game, respectively.

The Base and Daily modes are mandatory if you want your characters and base buildings to upgrade to the next level. Upgrades, in turn, lead to you unlocking more characters. These sections consist of a chain of chapters (Base Building, Army Building, Supply Lines, etc.), each containing several tasks.

Ranging from building your farm, to joining an alliance, to training a Schneider CA 1 tank, the tasks start small and increase in difficulty. With each completed quest, you earn a reward of food, cash, resource crates, oil, cement, and steel.

The real prize, though, is to finish an entire chapter. Once you do that, you get to walk away with gold coins, XP, military artillery (planes & tankers), character level-ups, and more.

Tips & Tricks for Playing The Great War Rivals on PC

• Speed Things Up

This game is generous in the sense that it offers a “Build Free” option when you are setting up your camp, free training for troops, and even free research when a mission calls for it. The only downside is that all these freebies take time to complete.

You stand to gain a lot more if you speed up the process. The sooner you complete a task, the quicker you can get to another and thus progress further in the game. The same goes for when you have a team marching to war.

One way to enact instant task completion is to spend the gold earned through play. Other options include watching ads or using speed-up rewards, as shown in the tutorial.

• Do Not Neglect Any Mission

Every mission in this game counts, whether it involves doing research or fighting alongside your allies. For instance, you get to unlock Larv Kornilov only after completing the March Slot Research. Alternatively, going on commander missions can help you unlock rare equipment or legendary rank points.

Ultimately, the more complete tasks you accomplish, the more characters you unlock, and the higher you level up in the game.

• Take The Fight To The Enemy

Instead of hopping for the enemy to come to you or waiting for the occasional “defeat 1 level 2 bandit” mission, take the initiative and scout for rival camps. The game has the equivalent of a search button (control on the bottom-left corner of the screen labeled FRONT) that you can use to pinpoint enemy territories within your level.

The great thing about this game is that you get to decide how many commanders and the number of troops you want to lead an attack. So, you can control losses should you end up on the losing end of a battle.

• Join An Alliance

One of the best parts of The Great War Rivals is its social feature. The game becomes much more fun when you become part of an alliance. Joining a guild in on itself comes with explosive bonuses. For example, you get rewarded with a speed-up reward for marching faster towards the enemy, seasonal events, and the chance to partake in PvP battles.

You also get to compete in VIP missions, target bothersome rivals, exchange resources, and even hold pow-wows with your squad of allies through real-time live channels where you strategize on how to take down your archenemy.

How to play

How to play The Great War Rivals on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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You can find step by step guides bellow:

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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install The Great War Rivals Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play The Great War Rivals on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About The Great War Rivals

You will not think much about The Great War Rivals at first glance because of its cartoon-style graphics. However, you would be wrong. The game is simple in design. You only need to press the 'go' button next to a task or the Front, Missions, Commanders, & Alliance controls, and the game will take you directly to where you need to be. Tasks are super easy to complete, the gameplay is smooth, and the design is easy to navigate. What's more, the more than generous rewarding system and multi-player features are significant plus points. Overall, it is a decent game if you are into the war strategy genre.

Developer: eRepublik Labs
Download: Android or iOS

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