The Grand Mafia on PC – Discover How to Download & Install

The Majestic Mafioso Leader

The Grand Mafia is a base-building game developed by YottaGame for both iOS and Android platforms. The creators are also known for Mafia City and Chief Almighty: First Thunder BC games.

You can also install this particular release on PC to enjoy it on a bigger screen. As the title suggests, it all begins with you as a mob leader. The protagonist has made a comeback from prison. In this role, you want revenge from those who have wiped out the Godfather and other family members. The enemies set you up for crimes you did not commit. Consequently, you want to take back control of the town by recruiting former allies to assist in the mission.

In the process, you will rebuild the city while weeding out all your foes gradually and become the ultimate kingpin leading a formidable criminal organization.

Strategy in Warfare

In the game of Grand Mafia, it is advisable to survey your surrounding so that you can determine the course of action to take. Use the search icon on the map to look around for street hooligans, detectives, and cruel riders. The street hooligans are the easiest to get rid of and come with many rewards.

On the other hand, much power is required to defeat detectives and riders. Once vanquished, there are great gifts to be obtained.

Before you make a move on another tuff ensure that they do not belong to your faction. At the same time, analyse their strength level. For example, one may seem to be weaker than you but in reality, their enforcers are powerful and they have a multitude of allies. Hence, even if their turf is at a lower level than yours, the chances are you may lose.

Assign enforces and allies to keep guard on your resources in the safe houses. Keep in mind that there will be times you need to use an offensive, defensive, or stealth battle strategy.

Other Game Features

When you simply login there are rewards to be won in the game of Grand Mafia. Additionally, the storyline of the game gives every player a different experience. Essentially, you can build your unique empire due to different stats, skills, and characters.

You need to steal to get and stock up on the required resources. For instance, palyers can break-in banks to get money, jewelry shops to obtain diamonds, depots for cargo, steel factories for metal, and armories for weapons.

Grand Mafia has a unique campaign mode, unlike other base-building RPGs. Mainly, progression in the game can be made quickly in this mode. However, it is dependent on your active buffs, investment boosts, the strength of the enforcers, and the number of allies you have. Consuming stamina is required in campaign mode to challenge a stage.

The Grand Mafia: Beginners Guide with Tips & Tricks

• Be Part of a Faction

Like every other base- building MMORPG, becoming a member of a faction comes with its benefits, Grand Mafia is no exception. One of the perks of being part of a faction is receiving construction aid from your allies. Usually, it would take longer but getting help reduces the building time. Additionally, when one member in the faction finishes off a mob king, the awarded gift becomes available to all members. The first person to see it can claim it.

• Do all Quests

Grand Mafia game has several quests that come with numerous rewards that aid you to progress through the game successfully. There are family, faction, construction progression, investment, rallies, turf, daily, and training missions. Some of the gifts you get from them are gears, diamonds, shards, and new characters.

• Make Upgrades

In The Grand Mafia game, make occasional upgrades to every member of your team. By doing so, your armies will be stronger against your rivals. Also, upgrading your troops allows them to  have many more associates and new abilities. Remember, shards are the key item to level up enforcers and are obtained from doing various quests, for example, time-limited missions.

• Keep Track of Inventory and Mail

Monitor your mail and inventory in Grand Mafia regularly. In your inventory, there are various categories of items like those that need to be unlocked and used later as well as crates of all kinds of rarity. Additionally, there the items with limited storage time, which should be consumed immediately. The mailbox sometimes contains gifts gained from completing specific tasks in the game that need to be claimed because they come in handy for future use.

How to play

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About The Grand Mafia:

Grand Mafia is a free base-building MMORPG developed by YottaGame for Android and iOS devices. Your aim role in the game is to become the ultimate Godfather in the mafia. You have just come back to town from prison after being set up to take the fall. The original Godfather and other members of the family have been wiped out. Hence, you will recruit allies and build an army to take revenge, fight, and get back control of the city. Progressively, you shall weed out all the hooligans, detectives, and merciless riders in your way in battle with the aid of your troops. There are various styles of fighting to use to reach your objective. Stock up on resources by robbing banks, jewelers, metal companies, depots, and armories.

Developer: YottaGame
Download: Android or iOS

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