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Leading the Queen Ant

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a PVP and PVE free to download game. It takes players into the hidden world of incredible critters that dwell in the soil. Your task is to lead the queen ant and her troops to build the best possible habitat to live and thrive.

As a beginner of the game, you receive shield protection until you reach level 7. Also, you have three primary classes to choose from, namely Cultivator, Herder, and Raider. Each category has its advantages and weakness.

Cultivator ants gather resources at a very high speed. They also protect the majority of what they have collected. However, these ants are prone to attacks, and their marching prowess when invading is low (at -30).

On the other hand, the Raider class is excellent in battle and invading enemy home bases. However, it is poor at resource gathering. Additionally, Raiders have a healing speed of 100%.

Lastly, the Herders class is proficient in building, resource channeling, supporting allies. However, when invaded, 100% of their gathering is looted, and their healing speed is low.

At specific levels of the game, you can change classes. The catch is that you lose everything you gained in the previous ant-archetype because you have to start at level one in your new chosen rank. Overall, there are plenty of activities to keep you hooked in this game from beginning to end.

The Industrious Ant Kingdom

The Ants: Underground Kingdom introduces players to a variety of bugs that perform different tasks. Every ant in the habitat ensures the survival and prosperity of other inhabitants. There are three main groups of ants; Sentinels, Workers, and Troops.

The Sentinel ants are responsible for scouting enemy territory and bring back a report on the lay of the land and nests. As a result, you will be able to plan out your attack strategy well. Also, they can sense foes coming to attack and help to guard nests in the kingdom.

Just as their name implies, worker ants are industrious. They help to build nests. Increasing the worker ants will eventually boost the population in your colony.

Troops, also known as soldier ants, are further divided into three sub-species. They include Guardian, Carrier, and Shooter ants. The Carriers gather resources and bring them back to the habitat, and the Shooter ants help in the battle against the enemies.

Each group of ants has a nest where they live and breed. There is even a dining room where they go to replenish themselves.

Home Base Territory

For inhabitants to survive and thrive in The Ants: Underground Kingdom, they need resources. In this game, several resources are essential and necessary for the ants to live comfortably. They include water, honeydew, meat, plants, wet soil, sand, and fungus. The colony will either produce or gather supplies from various sources.

The woodhouse colony is where ants make meat and later keep it in the meat storeroom. Water is gathered from a spring and stored in a reservoir. On the other hand, plants are obtained from the plant flora and stored in a plant storeroom. The wet dirt pile provides your building material, which you then keep in the soil storeroom.

For the fungus, you will engage leafcutters ants. They cultivate this food source and then store it in the fungus flora.

In The Ant: Underground Kingdom game, you can increase and speed up the production of honeydew by completing main quests, exchanging your resources in the ladybug habitat, participating some in-game activities, or breeding aphids.

If you want to speed up the production of resources, you can activate the rapid production technology sparingly. Constant use of this method would weaken it, and thus, you will not get the desired results.

The ants usually march as a unit when going into battle with the rival camps. The formations consist of the front, middle and back lines. Each march unit has a destruction value to annihilate the enemy formicary.

When instigating a battle, you will send one march unit formation. However, when defending your kingdom from attacks, you will send squads of four instead. Special and soldier ants are the troops for this job.

Although you go to war to plunder the enemy camp and destroy their stamina, you still have to defend your resources from the invaders.

Tips & Tricks for Playing The Ants: Underground Kingdom on PC

• Join an Alliance

The Ants: Underground Kingdom has an aspect that allows you to join an alliance with other fellow players. Consequently, you will gain advantages courtesy of being a member of a group.

When you invade the enemy territory, all the loot is divided equally within the alliance. Also, building time reduces, there is salary to be earned, and members help each other with resources.

You can trade information with your allies too. Therefore, alliances help you to perfect your game in the long run.

• Make Upgrades

There are many upgrades to be made in The Ants: Underground Kingdom game. For each one, you receive a benefit. For example, leveling up the meat storeroom will increase your meat storage capacity. Likewise, upgrading the reservoir creates more room to store your water.

Keep in mind that upgrading also applies to the ants in their various capacities. For instance, leveling up the guardian ant’s nest will raise the number of ants in this category. Hence, upgrades are beneficial, and you should invest in them to enhance your experience in the game.

• Boost Troops

The Troop ants are essential to you in this game. Therefore, you need to boost them through research. For example, when you provide technological advancements for the shooter ants, they get improved combat skills. The same applies to the Carrier, Sentinel, Worker, Special, and guardian ants.

By boosting troop ants, you will build up their numbers and improve skills. Note that you will have to first invest in evolved fungal flora to embark on this process of troop enhancement.

• Assign Special Ants Wisely

Another class to work with is the Special ants. They are vital for your troop population. The Special ants come in two functions, those skilled in combat and the ones equipped for development.

The war-special ants are excellent at fighting and invading enemy territory, whereas the other type excels at gathering resources.

Development-related Special ants also give you bonuses when posted outside the net. By clicking on the skills icon of any class, you can see its traits and where best to assign them.

The Special ants are usually placed in front of the formation to lead the rest of the troops, bet it in the war or development formicary. Furthermore, there are four types identified by color from the low to highest rank. These include Green (Common), Blue (Rare), Purple (Epic), and Orange (Legendary) Special ants. The higher the rank, the stronger the Special ants are.

How to play

How to play The Ants: Underground Kingdom on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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About The Ants: Underground Kingdom:

The Ants: Underground Kingdom is a PVP and PVE game where you build a colony of critters and defend it. It is about a queen ant and her troops. Your main task is to lead them to survival, ensuring that the ants live and thrive in their kingdom habitat. There are plenty of quests to finish, an alliance to join, and battles to engage in as you expand your kingdom or defend it from invaders. Ants come in a variety of classes and require management. Besides battling the enemies, there is resource gathering and building. Install now on PC to start building the most formidable colony of ants in the entire underground kingdom.

Developer: Seven City
Download: Android or iOS

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