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League of Legends Themed Auto-battler

Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games’ creation for auto-chess fans, has been making waves across the globe. It’s an auto-battler in which players assemble an elite squad of League of Legends champions and deploy them to battle.

Eight players square off in pairs, with each contestant getting their own board. Before new matches begin, everyone picks one champion equipped with an item from a shared draft known as the carousel. After that, players jump straight into their home bases to start competing.

For the first three encounters, you have to defeat minions, which are AI bots. The reason there is a PvE segment is that you need to acquire some gold, EXP, and items to start putting together a team.

Once you have some gold, you can recruit more champions from the shop that presents a random pool at the bottom of your screen. Sending heroes to do battle is just as simple as dragging them from the bench onto the game board.

When you start facing real placers, your team either teleports to the enemy’s home turf or rivals spawn on the other end of your game board. Brawls Teamfight Tactics for PC or mobile takes place automatically, so winning lies with how strong your team is against the other side.

There will be multiple rounds against minions and other players. Also, you earn EXP and gold upon winning each battle. That will allow you to grow your team slowly, but keep in mind that the number of champions you can deploy at once depends on your character level.

All players start with 100 health points. However, that will diminish if you end up losing any round. Players who keep losing and taking damage drop out of contention eventually. So, your team has to outlast every other contestant to win.


Evolve & Strategize

As the name implies, Teamfight Tactics is all about coming up with smart combat strategies. There is a twofold approach to achieving this goal.

Firstly, you must make your champions stronger. You can acquire three copies of the same champion and combine them into a more powerful version of the same unit, equip them with items, or activate special bonuses.

Secondly, team composition and formations will make the difference between winning and losing. All the units belong to a particular archetype. Therefore, you have to understand the capabilities of all the different champions, plus what positions they perform best. For example, tanks have high defense, which makes them fantastic frontline units that can draw away aggression from your more vulnerable champions. On the other hand, the weaker ranged units can remain protected in the backline while the more agile DPS champions can spread out strategically.


Large Roster of Champions

In Teamfight Tactics, you will have access to several dozen champions. The characters belong to different origins (i.e., where they hail from) and 10 classes (which describe how they fight). All the units come with active and passive abilities. The combat style also differs from one champion to the next. Some wield weapons while others unleash magical effects during battle.

You can recruit champions with different rarities, but much of what will be available depends on your character’s level. That means the higher your status, the more likely you are going to get offers for recruiting champions with a higher rarity.

Besides buying champions, you can exchange gold for chunks of EXP and then use that to level up your character. Keep in mind also that the higher your level, the more champions you can have on the board.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends on PC

  • Scout Your Competition

In Teamfight Tactics, you can spy on the other players. Just click on the River Sprite icons of each player at the bottom right of your screen. Although you won’t be able to see stats, you can observe team compositions even if there is an ongoing heated battle. Make sure to check out the top five opponents continually, and if possible, build a team to counter them.

  • Discard Weak Units

You can also sell your champions in exchange for gold. The amount you will receive will be equal to what it cost you to acquire that particular champ. Selling weaker units is a smart way to shake up your team composition and build it around rarer ones that you’ve newly acquired.

  • Master Champion Synergies

It is essential to work towards recruiting champions that synergize each other because this will ultimately develop your team into a formidable side. Origins and classes influence how well different units work together. For instance, you can deploy glacial units to temporary stun targets and have your damage dealers deliver some quick uncontested attacks.

There are many more tactics that you can use in this game. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different origins & classes to find a strategy that best suits your style of play.

  • Keep Upgrading Your Champions

Lastly, we’ll reiterate the importance of continually upgrading your champions because this is perhaps the best way to build a stronger team. All you have to do is acquire three of the same champions and merge them. For example, three one-star units will morph into a stronger two-star hero. In the same vein, three two-star units will transform into an even more powerful three-star mini-legend. These types of upgrades grant more health and attack damage, thus improving the ability of your champions in battle.


About Teamfight Tactics: League of Legends Strategy Game:

From the makers of League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics is an engaging auto-battler where you will put together an elite team of champions and send them to battle on your behalf. The gameplay mechanics are straightforward since all you have to do is drag fighters onto a board and watch them do battle automatically. The game pits you against seven other players, and you have to outlast them with smart combat strategies. Winning comes down to the tactics you choose to utilize when recruiting champions, deploying them to battle, and improving them with upgrades. The best part is that players can explore endless synergy effects with champions of the same or different origins.

Developer: Riot Games, Inc
Download: Android or iOS

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