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How to play

How to play Tasty Town on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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  • Install Tasty Town Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
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Bring the Taste

Tasty Town on PC is a magnificent game that brings together a combination of saucy, savory and sweet tastes. If you love cooking and enjoy trying out deferent flavors then this game is most definitely in your will house. Tasty Town is a game that encourages you to grow fresh farm produce. Thereafter, you will take it to your restaurant where your qualified chefs will whip up sumptuous dishes. The fact that you can receive a helping hand from time to time is what makes Tasty Town special. It is also possible to join the chef’s club and partake in events so that you can get special rewards.

The 3F’s

Fresh… farm… food… will dictate your success as you play Tasty Town. Remember, your gourmet-loving customers are free to order anything they want so you need to ensure that you offer a variety of foods. Everything from sushi to pizza and burgers is a welcome surprise. For dessert, most of your customers will prefer muffins and cakes. It is extremely important to be as diverse as can be with your offerings on the menu. Tasty Town on PC requires the crafting of the perfect dishes at all times. And you will not be preparing meals for any Tom and Harry, the town is filled with the movers and shakers of the world. This automatically calls for extravagance.

More than Just Cooking

Tasty Town offers much more than a superb cooking experience. Granted, your cuisines will come from all the continents of the world and this will make your cooking experience much more exciting. You also need to ensure that your restaurant stands out by the decorating effort that you put to it. There is a variety of elegant and over the top, extravagant decorations- you choose!

Tips and Tricks for Playing Tasty Town on PC

• Tend to your farm
The farm is an important aspect of running the restaurant. After all, the produce comes from there. As such, you will want to ensure that it is jampacked with the best ingredients by growing all types of resources. Every ingredient has a different cultivation time, so it is important to tend to our far accordingly and keep things going in the right way.

• Collect your rewards
Tasty Town offers all manner of rewards and achievements. This is what makes the game as interesting as it is. Ensure that you always check the golden chef’s statue as it will enable you to unlock a number of great rewards. Focus on completing all tasks and you will earn lots of gems.

• Make friends
How lonely it would be in a chef’s world if you do not have any friends. When you connect to Facebook, you will broaden your social circle and earn rewards.

• Maximize space
Whenever you offer assistance to a fellow chef, you will have a number of prizes to enjoy. Be careful about how you use your restaurant space and ensure as many tables as possible as sitting many customers will have your energy running smoothly and earn gold.


About Tasty Town:

Developer: Social Point
Download: Android and iOS

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