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Tanks A Lot! For Your Windows / Mac PC – Download And Install (Trailer)

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Download and Play “Tanks A Lot!” on Your Favorite PC (Windows) or Mac for Free

Clash of Tanks

Are you into war strategy games? If so, hit enemies with heavy artillery in Tanks a Lot! In this game, you will team up with three other players to take on another trio. All you have to do is navigate your tank on the battlefield and blast enemies to bits while contesting for various objectives. The game’s cartoon-style artwork and lively animation effects add that extra bit of fun to the game. Enjoy this game on the go by installing it on your iOS or Android device. It is also possible to play Tanks a lot! on PC as will explained later in this guide.

Multiple Play Modes

One of the fun aspects about Tanks a Lot is the fact that players can take part in four game modes. The game objectives vary depending on which mode you choose to play. To win in the classic Deathmatch, your team must kill the enemies as many times as possible. However, the clock is ticking. Both teams are under pressure to secure the most kills before the battle ends. If any player dies, their tank will respawn back into the arena in a few seconds. Teams scramble for barrels and try to hold onto them in Resource Brawls. Alternatively, play a game of soccer with tanks in the Tank-O-Ball mode. The main objective here is to score the most by putting the ball in the enemy goal. When in possession, the ball sticks to the tank like a magnet. This impedes shooting ability but you can pass to your teammates. Tanks that have the ball attempt to drive into the opposing team’s goal. This is a tricky affair since you have to sustain or evade enemy fire. Lastly, the Battle Royale mode pits you against other players in a large arena. Everyone tries to take each other out and become the last tank standing.

Claim Rewards & Customize Tank Parts

As you battle it out in Tanks a Lot! on PC, victory comes with lots of rewards. You earn coins, gems, trophies, and chests for every battle won. Grab these prizes as well by claiming daily rewards after accumulating enough quest points. There is a time wait of up to 3hours before chests open. However, you can unlock instantly with gems or watch video ads to speed up the chest opening process. Trophy points determine which league you will play in while chests reward you with cards that can have gold or tank components. Spend coins on cards to unlock the tank parts you collect. The game offers a wide variety of weapons such as rocket launchers, laser beams, machine guns, and flamethrowers, just to name a few. Every weapon has a different range and damage level. Your tank’s base may be upgraded too with tracks or even wheels.

Tanks A Lot! – Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena

Watch this video on YouTube.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Tanks a Lot! Real-time Multiplayer Battle Arena

• Choose the Right Cannon & Base
The cannon and base you choose for your tank will have a big impact on battle performance. For instance, heavy bases have high health/resistance but they make your tank move at a slower pace. A high-speed base will come in handy when you want to get away quickly. You may find yourself in such a situation when working with a short-range weapon or racing for the goal line in Tank-O-Ball mode.

• Work as a Team
In the 3v3 multiplayer modes, teamwork is the key to winning. Moving as a unit pays off. This will increase your team’s firepower and make it easier to kill enemy tanks.

• Hide in the Bushes
Most of the battle arenas have bushes. You become invisible to other players when hiding in the bushes. This can be a great way to launch a surprise attack. In addition, stepping away from the chaos allows your tank to regenerate. Therefore, keep an eye on your health meter. If you notice your tank is about to explode, take a breather in the bush.

About Tanks A Lot! – Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena:

Developer: BoomBit Games
Download: Android and iOS


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