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How to play Tales of Wind on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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The Chosen One

You are the chosen one- and your city is looking to you for protection from evil forces. La Place is the name of the city and you have been living in it for many years now. It was once a great representation of life, hope, and dreams but over time, things have truly deteriorated. Using your power, you can be able to shed light on the truth and bring hope back where it belongs. The citizens are trusting you to make a difference in their lives. Tales of Wind on PC requires you to make a difference in a great way.

An Action MMORPG

Tales of Wind already has a backstory that already lets you know that you will enjoy the best of action. As you are the messiah of the city, it is only expected that you will fight off the evil forces- literally. There are numerous cards that equip you with power, transforming you into the type of creature that you want to be. Do not take your opponents for granted. They are a powerful monster who will finish you off the first chance they get. Therefore, you should only go into battle if you are ready and prepared.

Amazing Gameplay

Tales of Wind on PC has a gameplay that is certainly worth talking about. Everything from the characters to the storyline will be soothing to you. There are different elements that will beg for our attention as you play. For instance, you will enjoy over 20 different casual playing modes that comprise of a combination of racing, shooting, and quizzes. Apart from the playing modes, you can also team up with your friends and fight together. Any time you complete your given missions, you will be able to earn extra abilities that will make your journey and the kingdom much easier.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Tales of Wind on PC

• Boost your power
Using the game’s cards, you can be fully equipped with power. All you have to do is pick the right cards and you will be fully charged. Remember, this power is important because it will enable you to take on your enemies.

• Know the storyline
How will you be able to restore peace in the city if you do not even know what the story is about? While many players may take the storyline for granted, do not be one of them. Instead, take time to understand what the story is all about a well as your role so that you can play more effectively.

• Know your opponents
Every opponent that you will face has different capabilities and characteristics. As such, you should take time to study your opponents to know what is expected of them. What are their go-to moves? How do they attack? The answers to these questions will enable you to be a better player.

• Choose your transformation wisely
With the right cards and the right amount of power, you can be able to transform into any creature of your choice. When choosing a specific creature, do it wisely because certain creatures come with some limitations. Choose to turn into a creature that can be able to handle the enemies head-on without retreating.

Rewards System in Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind offers a ton of different rewards that you can use to improve your game. To begin with, you gain EXP, outfits, artifacts, and gear by completing the storyline quests. Once you rake-up enough EXP, you can redeem it for Skill Points. The latter rewards unlock and upgrade new skills for your hero to use in battle.

What’s more, questing increases BR (battle rating). You will use this to determine your strength. For instance, you can compare your BR and that of NPCs that you want to challenge to gauge whether you are strong enough to come out victorious.

Another resource to look out for in this game is treasure. You will only be able to see these hidden items after unlocking the Truesight Eye skill at level 13. It opens up your vision to a different plane of existence with plenty of secret treasures. From Silverstar, mana, and golden marks to Egg Net Fragment, gold chest shards, and summer juice, there are so many different treasure items in the game, and each one offers a unique buff.

You can also collect cards, which represent cute furry critters that provide you with new skills, stats boosts, and more. There are different ways to get this resource. The easiest option is to complete quests in the Card Realm. You can also fuse treasures to create specific cards. Alternatively, create a collection by participating in certain events, completing quests, opening chests, or collecting achievement rewards.

Other rewards worth acquiring in Tales of wind include:

  • Guardians (a.k.a. pets)
  • Travel mounts – which increase your speed of movement across the fantasy world

By completing Kingdom Events, you can also earn fame points to unlock the farm at level 30. It will produce items that you can sell at the Farm Shop in exchange for more EXP and Farm Coins. The latter reward will help you add more buildings to your farm. The more you decorate it, the more hearts you can obtain from the Charity Center to rush the production of farm produce and goods.

Although you can spend real money to obtain the newbie gift pack or paid spirals that buy rare items, in-app purchases are optional. What’s more, Tales of Wind is not a pay-to-win game. Most of the resources you need can be obtained through questing and farming.



About Tales of Wind:

Tales of Wind is an engaging 3D massive multi-player role-playing game for Android and iOS. It treats players with an adventurous experience of exploring a gigantic fantasy world. You take on the role of a chosen hero who sets outs to save the once tranquil city known as LaPlace, which is now under attack from evil forces. Fight for peace and justice to bring light back to the land. Besides customizing your hero with cute outfits, you will also be able to obtain cute pets and mounts. What's more, the game offers all the quintessential features that we have come to expect from the MMORPG genre and more. That includes action combat, a character class system, card collection, PvE quests, boss raids, PvP battles, and social features.

Developer: Neocraft Limited
Download: Android and iOS

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