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Adventure Filled Running Game

In partnership with WildWorks, the creators behind hit sensation Ryan ToysReview YouTube Channel rolled out a fun running game called Tag with Ryan. The beauty of this game is that you can play it on a variety of gadgets. Tag with Ryan on PC will be just as fun as playing the game on your iOS or Android device. In the game, Combo Panda aka the ultimate gamer has taken all of Ryan’s costumes and hidden them throughout the virtual world. The costumes are with Gus the VTuber who is on the run. Ryan must chase Gus and catch up with him to retrieve his belongings. Join in the chase to discover if you have what it takes to unlock all of the cool costumes in this adventure-filled endless runner.

Lovely Yet Treacherous Environments

The team at WildWorks was very creative when designing the virtual world in Tag with Ryan. There are three distinct regions to explore. Begin your run from the lush forest that takes you to the marshland with floating logs. These woods can be dangerous. So, be ready to duck falling beehives or jump over shrubs, mushrooms, and tree trunks. The dry desert is littered with cactus, rolling boulders, rocks and volcanic fissures that emit smoke. From caves to towering rock pillars, it is quite a diverse landscape. In the Frozen realm, you will encounter ice blocks and snowmen. These regions transition in real time, all while trying to evade oncoming or stagnant trains.

Awesome Power-ups and Equipment

There are plenty of power-ups in the game that serve different roles. If you want to maximize your collection of sun coins, the magnet and double-coin multiplier will come in handy. Shields protect Ryan from being incapacitated in case he crashes into an obstacle. The speed booster will increase his pace for a brief period, getting you closer to Gus. These power-ups make playing Tag with Ryan on PC or mobile fun and you can upgrade them with sun coins to increase their duration.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Tag with Ryan

  • Revive Ryan

Crashing into an obstacle or falling into one of the many perils you will find on your path will end Ryan’s run. If you want to continue chasing Gus instead of starting all over again, revive Ryan by spending a few slices of pizza or watching a video ad.

  • Climb Up

You might encounter moving or stagnant trains as well as timber stacked on long wagons. The only way to get past these obstacles is to run on top of them while jumping and ducking to the next platform. To climb up the wagons and trains, run toward those that have a ramp on the front side.

  • Equip Ryan with Cool Rides

Unlike other running games, Tag with Ryan offers players a chance to cruise through the virtual world while riding a cool vehicle. This can be a rocket, go-cart, or sometime else. Make sure to equip Ryan with these awesome vehicles and enjoy the game in a whole new way.

  • Collect Rewards

Besides collecting suns and power-ups, pick up other rewards that pop-up in your path. These include chests, keys for the treasure chests, gift boxes and slices of pizza. All the rewards give you an advantage in the game that will improve your performance.

Tag with Ryan Costume Guide

Tag with Ryan Costume Screenshot
Source: YouTube

There are many costumes to retrieve in Tag with Ryan. And while these outfits may change your look, they offer more than a mere cosmetic upgrade. Each one comes with a boost for the power ups that you get to use on the arena. Therefore, you can use the costumes to get more rewards that will help you get further in the game.

Currently, there are over 20 costumes to collect in Tag with Ryan. Keep in mind, though, that they are categorized into rare and super rare tiers. So, to collect all of them you have to tag on Gus at the end of a long chase when you see the exclamation mark appear right before you.

Best Costumes

Here is a quick rundown for some of the best costumes you can look forward to collecting and what benefits they contain.

  • Red T- shirt Ryan the default costume, offers 33% sun bonus as well as 5 seconds more on X2 and shield duration.
  • Commander Ryan comes with a spring shoe that lasts +5 sec and a X2 duration of 5 seconds more. The sun bonus is 36% more.
  • Taekwondo Ryan’s sun bonus is +28%, shield duration is +5 sec and X2 duration is +6 sec.
  • Captain Ryan has +31% sun bonus, magnet duration of +6 sec and boost duration of +5 sec.
  • Century Pilot Ryan’s sun bonus is +40%, spring duration is at +5 sec and boost duration is + 6 sec.
  • Red Titan has +37% sun bonus, shield duration of +5 sec and +6 sec boost duration.
  • Invisi Ryan has a +7 sec shield duration, +30% tractor beam chance and +33% lightning bolt chance.
  • Dark Water Ryan has +7 magnet duration, +25% tractor beam chance and +26% nun chuck chance.
  • Karate Ryan’s spring shoe duration is at +5 sec, shield duration is +6 sec and sun bonus +30%
  • Autocross Racer Ryan has a +5 sec boost duration, +6 sec X2 duration and sun bonus is +30%.
  • Atlantis Gear Ryan has a + 28% shooting star chance, tractor beam chance of +25% and shield duration is +6 sec.
  • Cosmo Ryan has a +5 sec spring duration, +6 sec X2 duration and +31% sun bonus.
  • Infrared Robo-Ryan has a soccer ball chance of +32%, +5 sec X2 duration and tractor beam chance of +30%.
  • Rally Racer Ryan has a +36% sun bonus, +6sec boost duration and +5 sec magnet duration.
  • Blue Titan Ryan a shield duration of +6 sec, boost duration 0f +5 sec and sun bonus is at +32%.

Costume Upgrades & Selection

Keep in mind, though, that this is by no means an exhaustive list. WildWorks, the game developer, may choose to add new Tag with Ryan costumes with future updates.

Another handy tip to remember is that you can upgrade costumes. It will cost you sun coins but you get better boosts.

When selecting a costume, don’t just go for the cutest one. Instead, make a strategic decision. Choose an outfit that offers boost that will make it easier to reach goals for the current level. For instance, if one of the objectives is to collect a target number of sun coins, then choose the costume that has the longest magnet duration.

How to play

How to play Tag with Ryan on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Tag with Ryan Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Tag with Ryan on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Tag with Ryan:

Tag with Ryan is a fun running game that cuts across all ages. Therefore, anybody will enjoy playing it. Ryan is running to capture Gus, who has all of his costumes, which were stolen and hidden by combo panda (the ultimate gamer). Your aim is to retrieve them back by chasing after Gus and catching him. Therefore, run, collect keys, sun coins, ice creams, pizzas, and tag Gus to retrieve your outfits. The game has an encouraging voiceover cheering you on. Tap into that to outmaneuver the obstacles blocking your path. Download it now on your laptop or desktop computer as described at the beginning of this post.

Developer: WildWorks
Download: Android or iOS

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