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Exciting Action Adventure Game

GMS Adventure developers have released a number of Android-based games over the years but one of their titles that stands out is Sword Man – Monster Hunter. This classic side-scrolling game brings back memories of old-school arcade games like Super Mario. Now, you can play Sword Man for PC as well to enjoy all the action-packed adventure it has to offer. In Sword Man – Monster Hunter, you take on the role of a sword-wielding ninja. You have to run through dungeons and find an exit point to advance to the next level. Along the way, there are monsters and big bosses to slay with your sword or boomerang. Any foes you kill explode into a bunch of coins and resources. Collecting such rewards during each quest will help you upgrade your weapons or craft powerful blades for tougher levels ahead.

Craft and Collect Swords

With themes such as Forest, Ghostwalker, Draughtbane, among others, the dungeons in Sword Man for PC is changing to keep quests interesting. In some levels, you will discover chests with unique swords to collect. You can choose to craft swords as well. This requires spending of coins and you must collect materials required to craft a sword. Once everything is in place, a countdown timer begins and the bladesmith (a large toad) begins to forge your sword of choice. There are plenty of swords to choose from, and each one has specific abilities. Some swords burn, shock, freeze or drain out monsters.

Customize Your Weapon of Choice

Sword Man – Monster Hunter also offers options to upgrade your collection of swords. Each weapon falls under a category or level. Simply use your collected coins to level up a sword. The higher the sword level, the more damage it inflicts. So, an upgraded weapon kills monsters fast. What’s more, each blade comes with a compatible costume. From Ninja Slayer and Time Traveler to Mercenary and Tiger Kiddo outfits, there are plenty of options to customize your Sword Man’s appearance.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Sword Man – Monster Hunter on PC

If you have played any 2-D side-scrolling action adventure game, then you’ll have an easy time with Sword Man – Monster Hunter. With that said, here are some gameplay pointers to help you play well right off the bat:

• Explore Every Nook & Cranny of the Dungeons
During each mission, don’t be in a hurry to find the exit cloud. Explore the dungeons thoroughly. There are secret passages/doors which lead to small quests where you kill monsters and earn extra coins or other treats.

• Be Quick on the Cloud Steps
Jumping onto cloud steps is an easy way to make your way up to elevated ledges found in all the dungeons. However, the cloud steps are pressure sensitive. They tend to disappear a few seconds after the Sword Man steps onto them. So, make sure to hop off quickly and jump onto solid ground to avoid falling back down.

• Outmaneuver Charging Monsters
Coming into contact with thorns and monsters drains your health. Some monsters freeze momentarily while under attack. However, others run toward you. Throw the boomerang at monsters that charge at you and jump over them to avoid getting hurt.

• Hack Chests, Barrels and Crates
When you stumble upon a chest in Sword Man – Monster Hunter, hack it with your sword to claim the reward that is locked away. The dungeon paths are littered with crates and barrels too. These items are not just meant to step on when you want to jump onto higher platforms. They contain coins, sword crafting materials and the magic potion that will restore your health. To unlock the hidden rewards, hack the barrels and crates with your sword as well. Just be ready to slay any monsters that may emerge from hiding.

How to play

How to play Sword Man - Monster Hunter on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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About Sword Man - Monster Hunter:

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