Swipe Master: Draw Your Weapon on PC – Download & Install

Fun 2D Combat Arcade Game

Old-school arcade games with 2D graphics evoke a nostalgic vibe while also offering tons of fun for all kinds of players, and that is what you can expect from Swipe Master: Draw Your Weapon. It pits two players against each other in a battle of weaponry skill. Your goal is to defeat opponents using your selected combat gear of choice.

From ninjas to knights to cops, you will go up against all kinds of rivals, complete boss levels, and collect characters.

Despite having cartoon-like graphics, the fighting action is smooth, fast-paced, and comes complete with flashy animations as well as sound effects.

Although designed for mobile devices, you can still download Swipe Master: Draw Your Weapon to play it on a PC or Mac device. Check out the instructions provided in this guide on how to install, and enjoy your game on a larger screen.

Simple Battle Mechanics

When you step into the battle arena, the rules of the competition are so simple that new players will know what to do right off the bat. You only have three functions to control your armed combat master.
Firstly, the D-pad to the far left helps with navigation. Besides moving forward and backward, players can jump high or even charge.

Secondly, you have a skill button that unleashes your fighter’s high-damage move. It is not always available to use because of a cool-down effect that leaves it recharging for a few seconds. Therefore, timing is the key to making the most out of the skill command.

Lastly, the other combat function is your attack button. Used together with the navigation controls, you can unleash a flurry of combos.

As both fighters take damage, their respective health diminishes. You will be able to track both by looking at the HP bar above each fighter’s head. The last combat warrior left standing after dealing enough damage to exhaust the rival’s health wins.

Plenty of Fantastic Weapons

Another feature that makes this game amazingly fun is the choice of combat gear that will be at your disposal. The first step before heading into battle is to literally draw your weapon as if it were a painting on a canvas. You will swipe/drag on the screen following specifically placed dots to reveal the combat tool that the combat gods will bequeath on you for battle.

The process of drawing a weapon is also a mini-game in itself. You have to get the sketch right, or else a thermometer to the right side will keep dropping energy until you have none left to draw and instead have no choice but to pick from what is in your collection.

Whether you are a ranged fighter or a melee warrior that loves to get up close and go on a rampage, the game offers plenty of weapon choices to suit both fighting styles. For instance, you can hack, slash, smash, and stab your way through rivals using the sword, mallet, spear, scythe, or ax. Alternatively, the bow & arrow, laser gun, & energy balls allow players to attack and deal damage from afar.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Swipe Master Draw Your Weapon on PC

• Watch Video Ads

When playing this game, you will encounter buttons that have a video playback icon. For instance, taping/clicking some of them may prompt you to request a tip when drawing weapons, try new gear for free, or multiply your rewards up to three times or more. By clicking on these buttons, a short video ad will stream, after which you will be able to take advantage of the various mentioned buffs and offers. Make sure, though, to keep your Internet connection or Wi-Fi on because the video ads will require that to playback and unlock your reward.

• Watch Out for Those Spikes

Besides having to worry about your opponents, the battlegrounds also feature spikes. These perils stick out of the wall on both ends of the fighting area. You don’t want to smash into them because that will cause your HP to drop. Therefore, watch out for the spikes to avoid self-inflicting damage on your fighter.

• Dodge Attacks

Remember, the goal of each match is to beat your opponents by dealing the most damage until their HP drops to zero. What better way to overpower your rivals than dodging their attacks? Well, this tactic will depend on the type of weapon the enemy is using. For instance, if you are going up against an adversary that is using a laser gun or bow & arrow, it is easy to leap up and avoid getting hit when shot at by rivals. On the other hand, the best strategy to evade melee weapons is to strike and move back or jump over your opponents’ heads.

• Select High-Level Weapons

Some weapons inflict more damage than others. Those are the high-level combat gear that you should go for, especially when facing a boss that is hard to beat. Keep changing your weapons until you find the one that suits you best for tough duels.

How to play

How to play Swipe Master: Draw Your Weapon on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


Login in your Google account

You can find step by step guides bellow:

How to install Bluestacks How to install MemuPlay
Install the game from Google Store
  • Install Swipe Master: Draw Your Weapon Apk from the Store.
  • Launch and Play the Game from the App Library!
Download, Install and Play Swipe Master: Draw Your Weapon on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

About Swipe Master Draw Your Weapon:

Swipe Master: Draw Your Weapon is a combat arcade game packed with tons of action. It pits two armed men against each other where you have to go for victory in one round. Your goal is to defeat rivals using a weapon that you literally draw before heading into combat. The game is easy to master thanks to its simple controls. You will have lots of fun using all kinds of melee and ranged weapons that take you from attacking with futuristic firepower to hacking rivals using crude medieval gear. Nonetheless, the combat tools are all effective and offer you a chance to try out different battle tactics. Overall, the game is fun with smooth 2D graphics, and you can even install it on a PC, as explained in this guide.

Developer(s): Tenha Musou & Zhi Rao
Download: Android or iOS

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