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How to play

How to play Survivalist: Invasion on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Download, Install and Play Survivalist: Invasion on your Desktop or Laptop with Mobile App Emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu etc.

Top-tier Survivor Game

Full of exciting gameplay, Survivalist: Invasion is a game that goes all out. It starts with throwing you right into the thick of things where you survive a plane crash only to wake up to find yourself in an unusual setting of a beautiful archipelago full of mysteries and danger. As your character tries to figure out what is going on, the game will take you through a thrilling journey full of puzzles and terrifying discoveries. The best part is that everything takes place amidst fantastic sound effects and elaborate RPG elements that make for a fascinating adventure.

Unlock Island Mysteries through Missions

Another feature that sets Survivalist: Invasion for PC apart from similar games in this genre is a captivating storyline. Unlike other survival games, the world is not over yet. However, a faction of powerful secret societies and terrorist organizations are in the middle of experiments that could very well end humanity. As a result, you will be embarking on the dangerous task of stopping this group. The only problem, though, is that they remain hidden in the depths of the game’s tropical islands.

Your journey will not be an easy one, but you will not be doing it alone. An ally in the game, secret agent U.N.Known will guide you all the way, briefing you on your missions and offering advice on how to survive in the games harsh island world.

Missions are relatively easy to complete and include activities like locating a shelter, looking for cargo at the site of a plane crash, heading out to Karst Cave to collect a stash of supplies, etc. Every mission sees you uncover mysteries that will bring you closer to your goal.

Classic Survival Gameplay

Playing Survivalist: Invasion is very easy for survivor game fans. The game sticks to the classic, time-honoured mechanics of survival games where gameplay involves exploring vast abandoned enemy-filled regions for resources that you then use to build a shelter and craft weapons and equipment as you go.

Controls are also very similar to what we see in other survival games. The direction button is on the bottom left side of the screen. On the other hand, the bottom right side has several action buttons (for running, fighting/shooting, picking things from the ground/opening cases, and opening backpack).
Also featured are the blueprint, repair, shelter building, shop, and quest map buttons. All buttons have accompanying imagery that makes it easy to understand what each control does.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Survivalist: Invasion on PC

  • Keep Your Stats up

Three indicators show the status of your HP in the game on the screen’s top-left corner. Once all three flatline, you die in the game. Try to avoid this since dying is very costly in Survivalist: Invasion. You lose everything you have in your backpack plus any weapons on you. Boosting your stats is as easy as drinking water, hitting the re-generation button at the top underneath your stats, and using first aid kit.

  • Make use of the Radar Map

Survivalist: Invasion for PC takes you on a long journey full of dangers. Zombies and mutant creatures can attack at any time in the game. The good news is that you do not have to stay on your toes or work on sharpening your reflexes. This is thanks to a Radar Map situated at the top right corner of the game that allows you to spot incoming enemies. Tiny red dots appear on the map indicating the presence of enemies up ahead. Knowing the location and number of enemies beforehand increases your chances of emerging relatively unscathed from the battle. Aiming high and going for headshots will save on ammo and end a fight quickly.

The map is also useful for helping you avoid walking into a losing battle. You can change direction if your stats are low, and the map shows you are about to walk into an enemy-infested area.

  • Invest in the Best Gear and Weapons

With zombies and mutated bugs around not to mention mutant bosses with superpowers, you will not make it in this game without having the best gear on and being well-armed. Things start with simple things like a baseball bat and plain vest, but you will be able to trade in your old equipment and weapons for something better deeper into play. Direct a substantial amount of your resources toward enhancing your weapons and armor regularly. Knives, shotguns, and assault rifles are great options to have in your arsenal.

  • Fill Backpack with Essentials During Missions

In Survivalist: Invasion, you can place up to 10 items in your backpack when you head out on your missions. Use this game provision wisely by carrying essentials such as a couple of first aid kits, extra weapons, water, food, and rope. In case you feel like you need to carry more items, it is possible to invest in a travel backpack that allows you to take more loot.

One thing to note is that it is okay to leave a few backpack slots open in case you find something you will need during your mission. Even with a full backpack, the game allows you to clear items to make space for better supplies.


About Survivalist: Invasion

Survivalist Invasion is a game that disposes of the gory setting and gruesome fights we have come to expect in survivor games. While you will still be fighting for your life and traveling to dark corners of the island, the vibe of the game is more mysterious than blood-curdling. This plus the use of RPG elements takes the game in a rather unexpectedly captivating direction. The fact that you will not know what you are about to step into and where the game will take you next will leave you wanting to keep playing.

Developer: TeslaGames Global
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