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Female Superhero Taming Crime

HGames-Artworks are back again with yet another superhero game titled Super Miami Girl : Cit Dog Crime. With over six dozen games under their portfolio, these developers are known for releasing quality games with an immersive experience. Super Miami Girl is no different, and you get to play the role of a female superhero trying to tame crime.

Gangsters and all kinds of criminals have overrun the city. In fact, many of them wreak havoc in broad daylight. Despite efforts to maintain law and order, the police are overwhelmed and could use some help. As a result, you lend a hand with your super amazing skills so that the streets can be safe again. For every eliminated bad guy, you also earn money.

Besides being the friendly neighborhood superhero, you can have a day job as well. For instance, you can work as a hairdresser that operates a beauty salon. Clients walk into the shop and ask for a hairstyle, then you fix them up. Other jobs you could take up include being a taxi driver, cop, or firefighter. It is essential to have a side job because this is another way to earn money in the game. With cash, you will be able to buy upgrades and equip your hero (read more on this below).

Catching the Bad Guys with Canine Companion

When taking down the bad guys, you can roam the city streets with a dog. Keep in mind, though, that it’s not just a pet. The dog chases lawbreakers and helps you to take them down. So, the more you have, the better. You will unlock more slots and have a pack of up to three dogs when hunting down criminals.

You start with one puppy and take care of it to adulthood. Once all grown up, your sidekick canine will become a fierce beast that terrifies delinquents.

Lots of Items to Equip & Customize Your Hero

Super Miami Girl : City Dog Crime offers a vast open-world to explore and plenty of items that you can use to equip your hero. For instance, you can walk into the gun shop to buy some weapons instead of fighting with your bare hands and feet. You can choose from a wide range of combat gear, including grenades, flamethrowers, sticky rockets, petrol bombs (Molotov), armor, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, AK47s, and so much more.

Although you start the game by exploring the city while working and running, you can commandeer  cars, motorcycles, military vehicles, and even helicopters. Getting into automobiles and other means of transportation is not only fun, but also allows you to recover energy. If you prefer to be on foot, skateboards make it easy to move through the streets faster, and you can customize them with many cool skins.

On one of your crime-fighting escaped, you could also discover futuristic mech robots. They can help you in completing missions. Therefore, explore the entire map to find special places where robots hide.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Super Miami Girl : City Dog Crime on PC

  • Use the Map to Locate Targets

The open game world in Super Miami Girl is vast. Therefore, it can be tricky to get around. The good news is that there is a mini-map on the upper left portion of your screen. You can use it to get an idea of your location. The red arrow indicates where your superhero is currently located. On the other hand, targets such as the salon, ATMs, gun shop, skateboard store, and others appear with green indicators on the map.

  • Hack the ATM for Extra Cash

Besides taking down criminals and other day jobs, you can also get extra cash by hacking ATMs. It is actually easier than it sounds. Once you walk up to an ATM, this will prompt a puzzle to pop-up. All you have to do is match QR codes to finish the hacking process. Other activities you can do at the ATM include investing in stocks, deposits, or withdrawing money to spend at one of the in-game shops.

  • Watch Ads to Double Rewards

Another handy tip to remember is that you can double your cash reward at the end of each hacking session. The game will prompt you to watch a video ad in exchange for twice the cash you get from the ATM hack. However, the Internet connection or data has to be on for this to work. Remember, equipping your hero does not come cheap. So, make sure to take advantage of this option to accumulate cash for spending.

  • Buy a House

Lastly, you can also buy a residential property in this game. Once you acquire a house, it can give you special perks. For instance, it can act as a respawn and healing point or offer a garage for parking your vehicles. Therefore, save up enough in-game money to buy one since it will come in handy.


About Super Miami Girl : City Dog Crime:

Super Miami Girl : City Dog Crime is a superhero action combat game where you try to maintain law and order in a city overrun by criminals. The protagonist is a brave female cop. Together with her canine friends, she roams about the streets looking for bad guys to take down. The game graphics and features are very immersive. You get to chase goons on foot, from the air, or on the roads while riding motorcycles and driving cool sports cars. From mountains and farmland to city streets and skyscrapers, the game map is vast. It is full of exciting things to discover, including mech robots that help you fight crime. You can equip your hero with weapons and skateboards too. And, when not fighting crime, you make money via a regular job. Overall, it is a fun game with lots of adventure waiting for you. To install Super Miami Girl : City Dog Crime on your PC, check out the guide shared in this post.

Developer: HGames-ArtWorks
Download: Android or iOS

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