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How to play Super Bheem Master Run on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Save the Day with Super Bheem

From the Mumbai-based publisher Nazara Games comes yet another Bheem themed runner. The title this time is Super Bheem Master Run, and you can play this game on Android or with your computer. Bheem is a delightful cartoon character who is always on some mission that involves fighting off enemies to save the day.

In Master Run, Super Bheem will be navigating through a 3D world where the mission is to find his friends who were kidnapped by Hokum. Along the way, Super Bheem will be collecting coins, dodging enemies, and fighting several Big Bosses, all while flying on a hoverboard.

Simple Gameplay and Controls

The Super Bheem Master Run game is set on a fictional animated 3D world. The virtual world keeps changing. Environments transition from green pasture areas and ice-capped regions to clouds and vortexes as Super Bheem moves forward. The common thing about these environments is that there are enemies and objects that will put a halt to your run. You can expect to come across goo spewing creatures, floating dragons, skeleton skulls, popup clown heads, pillars, moving vehicles, and so much more. The obstacles are all over the place and you must dodge all of them.

Gold coins are also randomly placed along the path that Bheem will be traveling. Gameplay involves helping Super Bheem collect the coins while avoiding bizarre creatures and objects. For this, the game features left & right arrow buttons on the bottom left side of the screen. These controls will allow you to move Super Bheem left and right towards the coins and away from objects or enemies.

On the right bottom side of the screen are another set of buttons. First, there is a button with an upward facing triangle icon, which represents jumping in the game. The rest of the controls include three attack buttons that release a bomb, hammer, and superpowers when selected. The attack buttons appear as icon depictions of a bomb, hammer, and prism, respectively.

Temporary Booster Powers

Booster powers also come in several forms in this game. For example, you can get an Ultra Volt that speeds up Super Bheem, makes the character invisible, and also allows you to grab all present coins. Power ups can also come in the form of friendly creatures. Savior Sky Dragon and Lady Bug both fly ahead clearing the path and leaving you to concentrate on grabbing all coins. Booster powers appear as objects surrounded by a yellow light. The boosters only last for a few seconds before the effect fades off, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Super Bheem Master Run on PC

  • Play Often

There are tons of upgrades to make in Super Bheem Master Run. Perhaps the most rewarding upgrade would be acquiring new hoverboards. Upgrades lengthen the life of Bheem in the game, as well as boost durability and attack. But, to acquire upgrades you will need a large number of coins, which calls for playing the game often.

Another reason why you should play often is to collect the daily bonuses. On the first day, you can claim a free bomb. Day 2 comes with an extra 150 coins while day 3 provides special powers. The bonuses keep getting better the more you play, with the fifth and seventh day login bonus being a hammer and free hoverboard respectively.

  • Fly Over Small Obstacles

Much of the action in this game mostly involves dodging left and right to avoid the myriad of obstacles strewn all over the path ahead. However, if the obstacle is low, you can simply fly over it and carry on with your rescue mission. You should do this also when there are coins forming an arc in order to collect every penny.

  • End Boss Fights Fast

All levels of play/missions in the game will end in a big boss fight. The final running battle involves a flying creature throwing shots of fire, green smoke, etc at Bheem. While you can simply dodge the attacks by moving left and right, this will prolong the fight. What’s more, chances are you will not be able to keep this up for long without getting obliterated. The best way to scale through a boss fight is to end it fast by bringing out the big guns. That means hurl a hammer, bomb or energy ball at the boss. These weapons occur during boss fights. You just need to run over the boost and it will launch automatically toward to the enemy. However, you have to move very fast to get a hold of them without getting hit.

  • Watch Ads to Gain the Benefits

Watching an ad watch allows players to skip the current objective and move on to the next mission. You can also stream an ad after crashing instead of spending 1,000 coins to resurrect and continue with the run. Just remember to turn on your Wi-Fi or Internet connection for this to work.


About Super Bheem Master Run:

Super Bheem Master Run is a creative game that brings something different to the table. Unlike most runners where the main character is always sprinting on a traffic and obstacle-laden road, in this game you will be flying on a jet-powered hoverboard. There are a ton of obstacles to evade and the virtual world keeps transitioning in dramatic fashion. What’s more, this casual game delivers some good Laugh-Out-Loud moments. Running right into an obstacle you did not see coming is often pretty hilarious, while Bheem has a charming personality. Although the gameplay is repetitive, the daily rewards, endless missions, varying environments, and high-speed action create a nice counterbalance that will hook you in and keep you striving to move further into the game.

Developer: Nazara Games
Download: Android or iOS

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