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How to play Summer Sports Events on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Live out the Athletes’ Dream

As the world is busy following major sporting games held every other year, you can live out your own fantasy with the Summer Sports Events Android game in which you are the champion bringing home the gold for your country. Are you a Usain Bolt wannabe or a huge Serena Williams fan? Whatever your sport of choice, you get to live your favorite star’s life even if for just a short while in a virtual world.

The Summer Sports Events game offers a wide array of sporting games played by multiple (or single) players with you right there in the thick of it all. The theme is that of a world stage. As such, the game recreates the look, feel, and atmosphere of an actual sports game competition. There is an arena full of thousands of screaming fans, players who come in realistic proportions, real life-like stations for different sports (track field, swimming pool, tennis court, hammer throw circle, and more), and even audible gunshots to signal the start of a race, all in clear 3D graphics.


Dip Your Toes in a Little Bit of Everything

While there are other android sporting games available, the Summer Sports Events on PC offers something that most lack – the benefit of variety. With a whopping 40+ games (in Legend and Tournament modes) at your disposal, you can try your hand at everything. From athletic events to shooting events, to cycling and swimming, or even famous sports like football, tennis, basketball, and badminton, there is something for everyone. Pretty much all of the celebrated sports in the world are found in this game.


Easy Controls

The beauty of the Summer Sports Events game is that you do not have to engage in a difficult task. You just need to engage in some good old traditional athletic games. To that end, controls are simple and motion based. Racing for instance only has 2 buttons which you press one after the other to accelerate. Long Jump, in turn, features right and left buttons for accelerating and a tap button at the middle that you press when ready to jump. With Hammer throw, you draw a circle on the screen to accelerate and tap a button to release. The same ease of play is found in the rest of the available games, all of which also come with a set of clear instruction on how to play. Overall, Summer Sports Events on PC and mobile is simple and straight to the point.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Summer Sports Events on PC

Mastering this game will not be hard at all as it is easy to play for the most part. However, you need to come up with some serious gameplay since you will be going against intelligent AI opponents. Here are a few tips that can help you outsmart your opponents:

• Play Smart
The trick to emerging the winner that will carry home the gold is to play like a pro. The Summer Sports Events is set as a competitive game, so you should expect some tough play from your opponents. It will take a combination of nimble fingers, fast thinking, quick reflexes, and impeccable aim & timing to win.

• Follow Real Motions of Play
The motions of play with the Summer Sports Events game are a lot like playing in real-life. Take the long jump game for example. Starting off at a slow pace and then accelerating right before jumping over the sand is likely to yield better results than running full speed the entire length. Same with hammer throwing, increasing speed as you spin will build a good enough momentum that will send the hammer a long distance off.

• Improve Play Technique as You go
You should approach the Summer Sports Events as an improve-as-you-go kind of game. If your shot in the 25M Air Pistol game goes too far off to the left of the target, you will know to adjust the aim next time. If you run out of steam in the middle of your 400M race, you should pace yourself better in the next round.


About Summer Sports Events:

Developer: TerranDroid
Download: Android or iOS

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