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How to play Strive for Glory on PC (3 Easy Steps):

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Fantasy Themed RPG

Every appealing RPG starts with an intriguing story, and Strive for Glory does the same by introducing you to a fantasy world that needs a savior. In this creation from, 4399 NET LIMITED, you step into Hallstatt, a wonderland where peace has reigned for many years. A magical fountain known as the Infinite Spring maintains the balance in this realm. However, the Dark Lord Nosferatu wants it for himself in pursuit of immortality. From the depths of the Eternal Dungeon, he commands his loyal monster minions to go out and capture the Infinite Spring. As a result, all the swordsmen and mages throughout the land have to fight these forces of evil. Slay the Dark Lord and become the warrior who will rise to supreme glory and possess the power of light.

Explore this fantasy realm and unlock pets that fight with you in battle or mounts to ride across the lands. There are even wings to unlock and stand out in battle like an angel.

Endless Combat Quests

When it comes to the gameplay, Strive for Glory treats players to a hack ‘n slash kind of experience. Therefore, you will be mostly slaying hordes of monsters. At regular intervals, there is a boss fight that drops chests with wonderful rewards. For every quest you complete, your warrior gets more power, XP, gold, and occasionally, weapons.

Unlike other RPG games, Strive for Glory lacks NPCs. It would have been great to have some as a way of getting deeper into the storyline. Nonetheless, it still offers an immersive experience, with music that that changes according to the scene (e.g. intense soundtracks on boss fights and soothing melodies when dealing with the easy low-level monsters). It is also easy-to-play thanks to auto-battle controls. To progress, though, you have to make upgrades for your warriors.

Character Class System

Speaking of warriors, there are only two character archetypes in the game as of this writing. You can choose to play as the fencer, which is a sword-wielding male fighter with melee combat style. On the other hand, the magician is the female class of the game, who carries a staff for ranged attacks.

Regardless of the character class you choose, both options come in two sub-types, which are the Miracle of Dawn and Starlight Knight.

Tips & Tricks for Playing Strive for Glory on PC

  • Finish the Priority Tasks

Although you are free to choose your own path in Strive for Glory, the game offers structured quests that help you earn more loot. You will see a quest challenge on the lower left part of the screen. For example, the goal might be to enhance a weapon, fight a boss, defeat specific monsters, etc. Just tap the challenge and your warrior will auto-path to it. Prioritizing on these quests will earn you more XP and gold coins, therefore, focus on them as much as you can to level up fast.

  • Enhance Weapons

When a new weapon pops-up, equipping it is not enough. Go a step further and enhance it. While this kind of upgrade involves spending gold, the upside is that it increases crit, pierce, and ATK stats for the weapon. Ultimately, a sword will serve you better in battle when you enhance it from one level to the next. The added advantage of weapon upgrades is that they increase your warrior power. So, keep improving every weapon you collect because the boss rivals grow stronger the further you progress in the game.

  • Collect Free Rewards

Besides the resources you acquire from battle quests, there are other free rewards to collect in the game. To begin with, remember to collect the seven-day login prize that runs for a week from the time you first install the game. There is also the monthly check-in bonus that is available for claiming on days 2, 7, 14, 21, and 28. Don’t forget to claim it as well since you can get useful drops of gold, b-diamonds, and so much more.

  • Equip Runes

Runes are items that you will collect for completing some of the quests in the game. Equip them to get more power and increase stats such as ATK and hit.


About Strive for Glory:

Strive for Glory is a combat RPG that challenges players to rise to the occasion and save the fantasy realm of Hallstatt. The Infinite Spring that holds this world together is under threat because the evil Dark Lord wants it to gain immortality. Therefore, players choose a character to join in the fight against evil forces. There are endless monster hordes and boss villains to fight in dungeons. You will also explore the vast open game world of Hallstatt. There are pets to unlock, mounts you can ride, and wings for your warrior. To get the best experience, install Strive for Glory on your PC, which will offer more screen real-estate than a phone, especially considering that this is a vertical combat RPG.

Developer: 4399 NET LIMITED
Download: Android or iOS

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