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How to play

How to play STICKMAN MASTER: League of Shadow - Ninja Legends on PC (3 Easy Steps):

Download and install an emulator


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Install the game from Google Store
  • Install STICKMAN MASTER: League of Shadow - Ninja Legends Apk from the Store.
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Conquer Stickman Monsters

If you are a big fan of ‘hack-n-slash’ games, then you might want to try Unimob’s Stickman Master: League of Shadow – Ninja Legends for PC. It is a side-scrolling platformer where your warrior takes on a slew of stickman monsters and enemies.

At first, the region where combat takes place is known as Forest of Death in adventure mode. You will unlock more areas on the map after progressing through the game. Each new region comes with a different theme and backdrop. Once you unlock the accession tower mode, you will get a chance to win attractive rewards.

Unlike other similar games, this installment from Unimob has less emphasis on reaching checkpoints that advance you to the next level. Instead, you have to lay waste to every enemy that emerges, all while trying to beat the clock and avoid dying. One level can involve multiple matches during which you get a chance to collect coins and other materials that slain monsters drop. In addition, the more quests you clear, the more new skills and weapon mastery your ninja acquires.

Super Easy Gameplay Mechanics & Controls

With Stickman Master: League of Shadow – Ninja Legends for PC, you will be able to see enemies coming from both sides. However, the game is just as immersive on mobile, and the best part is that the controls are easy to learn.

On the left side, you’ll have a navigation pad to move your fighter across the screen. Also, there is a forward dash control for running and the jump button that allows you to reach flying enemies. Both of these controls are to the right along with the attack and skill options.

Special skills are not always available because you have to charge them by hitting enemies. When accessible, you can use these powerful buffs to wipe out hordes of monsters with one strike.

Dynamic Hero Upgrade System

In your quest to become the shadow knight legend and master slayer of stickman monsters, you’ll have to take advantage of the many upgrade options that this game offers. You have the choice to create a hero that wields a greatsword, bow or hammer. However, equipment need crafting with the help of gold coins earned during battle.

It is also possible to customize your hero with health potions, armor and accessories like amulets & rings. The latter materials increase ninja stats like attack speed, maximum life, critical hit, and so on.

As you get deeper into the game, more skills will unlock. There are charge levels to upgrade as well. What’s more, your shadow knight can acquire great powerful pets to bring along in battle.

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Tips & Tricks for Playing Stickman Master: League of Shadow on PC

  • Prepare for Attacks on Both Sides

Enemies use a circular flaming entry to travel to your location. It pops up on both sides of the battle arena, and its presence signifies that monsters are not far behind. Therefore, keep an eye out for this teleportation door to avoid surprise attacks.

  • Dodge Projectiles

Another peril to watch out for is projectiles. Some of the rival stickmen use this attack method to inflict damage without even getting close to your shadow knight. In light of this, make sure to jump up when you see any incoming arrows and spears.

  • Adjust the Diff iculty Level

You can play STICKMAN MASTER: Ninja Legends in easy, normal, hard, and extremely hard mode. So, if you find yourself losing battles too often, consider adjusting the diff iculty level to increase your odds of winning.

  • Experiment with Different Weapons

The weapon choices in this game provide different battle styles. For instance, the sword and hammer require one to get close to enemies while striking. On the other hand, the bow deals damage from afar. The type of weapon that you find most comfortable comes down to personal preference. Consequently, make sure to experiment with the weapon choices to find out which one you find easiest to use or most effective.

  • Swap Skills

Weapons have many active and passive skills. You can swap the skills before going to battle. However, the abilities only unlock when you reach specific mastery levels. Consider damage percentage, cool down time, and effect on the enemy before selecting weapon skills.


About Stickman Master: League of Shadow - Ninja Legends:

STICKMAN MASTER: Ninja Legends offers hack-n-slash gameplay that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Unimob delivers an immersive experience with stunning weaponry skill effects and adrenaline-pumping attacks from hordes of enemies that keep coming from both sides. You can play the game offline or try some competitive PvP action. There are many maps to conquer, and players can look forward to unlocking new skills and weapons for their shadow knight. Overall, the game is well-designed with simple controls, interesting graphics, and a dynamic upgrade system that will keep you coming back for more.

Developer: Unimob
Download: Android or iOS

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